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Best Android Emulators For PC Windows & Mac OS X

Have you ever wanted to use the same applications that you have on your smartphone and also have them on your PC? Well, everything is possible! What you need to do is install an Android emulator for the PC. There are many Android emulators for computers.

The problem is that some of them can be a bit heavy and may not work as well if your PC is not very powerful. In any of the cases, here we make a list of the best 11 Android emulators for low-resource computers in 2020.

We can highlight that today the Google Play store has an immense variety of games and applications of different classifications for Android. If your intention is to play something with robust graphics, we can ensure that you will need at least one video card installed in your PC so that you have the best experience, in that case, the emulator you use is not relevant. With nothing else to add, here is the list!

List of Best Android Emulators For PC

MeMU Play

Memu Play

Starting with the list, MeMU Play was mainly created for emulating Android games on PC. Here you will have the advantage of emulating different games at the same time in different windows. It will even let you make the configuration you want of the mouse and keyboard or you can also configure a Gamepad to play much more comfortably.

Of all the android emulators for pc in 2020 that we will give you, this is the lightest and it will not ask you for many resources on your computer. Even so, everything will depend on the game you want to run, we once again suggest that you acquire a video card to improve the experience for emulation.

? MeMU Play  (Official Website and Download Link)



Among the best android emulators for pc in the middle of 2020 is NoxPlayer. Specially designed on the principle of running Android games directly from PC, it is practical and simple to install. It is impossible for us not to talk about its interface since it is very clean and intuitive.

It has one of the most powerful graphics engines and will even give you several options for the controls that you can configure with the keyboard and mouse. Although we will repeat it again, as we will do in some apps on this list, to have the best experience you will need a graphics card.

NoxPlayer (Official Website and Download Link)



BlueStacks was founded in 2011 and its main objective was the emulation of Android games directly on the PC. Today it is considered one of the best Android emulators for computers. With BlueStacks you can have all the applications and games from Google Play. In 2020 I still feel one of the best android applications for pc.

Its installation process is very simple and intuitive, and you don’t need previous knowledge to use it. BlueStacks is one of the best options for playing online.

BlueStacks (Official Website and Download Link)



Besides perfectly emulating Android, AndYroid has more tools. With this app, you can synchronize the applications with your smartphone, you can use Android applications more widely, and among them, you can use your phone as a control, among other things.

Andyroid (Official Website and Download Link)


Have you already used any of them? What is your favorite? If our list helped you find the perfect emulator you needed, don’t forget to leave us your feedback.

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