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Best Nascar Kodi Add-ons For Auto Racing Fans-Guide

Nascar Kodi

In this article, you will learn about Nascar Kodi. So, NASCAR racing is also one of the most watch sports available on US television. Then the second only is to the National Football League. This will also be having no wonder, then, this will having many of the Kodi users that are also looking for ways. Then to watch NASCAR racing that is right from within their favorite media player. Now, We will also search this Kodi scene looking for the very best add-ons. There is one that can also use to watch NASCAR races and other content. Most of them don’t cost anything while few others will require a payment or a cable or satellite subscription. So, read on as we reveal the best NASCAR Kodi add-ons.

So, Today, we will also start our discussion with some background on NASCAR. This is what if it is, where it’s coming from. Also, where it is available today and who broadcasts it. In this case, we will also introduce you to the five best add-ons. Then we have found to watch NASCAR content. Also, We will show you how to install them. To talk about their cost (if any) and what other interesting content or features they also have.

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In Your Privacy When Streaming Content, Use A VPN:

So, Most of the streaming that will also go on to the illegal Internet. Just Because of that Internet Service Providers monitoring their clients’ activities. That is for breach of terms and conditions may wrongfully think you’re doing something illegal. This is even though if you are streaming totally legal content. If they do, then they can also react just by sending you copyright infringement notices. The throttling down of your bandwidth or even interrupting your service. Consequences we all want to avoid.

Having a VPN that will also protect you just by encrypting all the data in and out of your computer. Just using strong algorithms that will also make it almost impossible and to decipher. Now, Your ISP–or anyone intercepting your data. So, you won’t be able to see where you’re going and what you’re doing online.

Also, With so many VPN suppliers to choose from. Just choose the best one that can be a daunting task. Now, there are also having several important factors to consider if choosing your VPN supplier. So, Among them, a fast connection speed to avoid buffering, a no-logging policy. Having further protect your privacy, there are no usage restrictions. Then you can also access any content at full speed and software that is available for your device.

The Best VPN For Kodi: IPVanish

The Best VPN For Kodi - IPVanish

After testing most VPN providers against our criteria, the one we recommend for Kodi users is IPVanish. With hundreds of servers worldwide, no speed cap or throttling, unlimited bandwidth, unrestricted traffic, a strict no-logging policy, and client software available for most platforms, IPVanish truly delivers impressive performance and value. IPVanish offers a 7-day money-back guarantee which means you have a week to test it risk-free.

About NASCAR Kodi Racing

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is an American family-owned business governing several stock car auto racing events. Its three main racing series are the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, its top racing series, the NASCAR Xfinity Series, sort of a minor league and a proving ground for drivers, and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, which features pickup trucks rather than cars.

The Origins Of Stock Car Racing

The term Stock Car comes from the fact that, originally, only cars available to the general public were allowed to race, and they could only be modified using parts available to the general public. It all started in the 1930s during the prohibition era when moonshiners were often involved in police chases and were modifying their cars to outrun the authorities.

Eventually, drivers got together and started racing against each other. What started as friendly challenges between moonshiners eventually progressed to organized events in the early 1930s. The main problem stock car racing faced was the lack of a unified set of rules between the different tracks. When Bill France Sr. realized that this was becoming a problem, he set out to form an organization with the intent to address that, and NASCAR was formed in 1948 to regulate stock car racing in the U.S.

NASCAR Kodi Today

Throughout the years, NASCAR racing has considerably evolved and the cars of today have no common measure with those of yesteryear. They are now high-performance racing machines that only bear a cosmetic resemblance to any car one could buy at a dealership. Together with improvements in car performance, several safety-oriented improvements were also made throughout the years.

Today, there are several different classes or series of races, each with different cars and specifications. There’s even a series of pickup truck races. Each year, NASCAR sanctions over 1500 races at over 100 tracks in the United States and Canada. Still owned and controlled by the France family, NASCAR is now a multi-million dollar venture and the company holds 17 of the top 20 single-day sporting events in the world.

NASCAR On Broadcast And Cable TV

The main broadcasters of NASCAR races today are NBC and FOX with about half of the NASCAR Monster Energy  Cup races airing on each of these networks. Their respective specialized sports channels NBCSN and Fox Sports often offer additional content such as practice and qualifying runs.

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The Top Five Add-ons For NASCAR Kodi Racing

Revved Up

The Revved Up add-on for Kodi is probably the only one to specialize in NASCAR racing. It streams content from the official NASCAR YouTube page. It includes recaps of every Monster Energy Cup and Xfinity Series race. But even more interesting, it has full race replays of the two series, going back to the 2016 season. Race replays are usually available within a few days of airing on broadcast TV. As a bonus, you can also watch episodes of NASCAR Tech Talk.

The main thing missing from this add-on is live NASCAR events. NASCAR has streamed some of its races on YouTube in the past but has never announced a clear policy on the subject. There is a Live Events item on the Revved Up main menu but it’s flagged as “Coming soon”. We’re allowed to believe that as soon as NASCAR streams live events, they will be available there.

Also missing from the add-on is a way to watch practice, qualifying, and NASCAR News programs such as NASCAR RaceDay and NASCAR Victory Lane.

Installing Revved Up

  • From the Kodi home screen, click the Settings icon (the little gear at the top left of the screen) then click File manager.
  • Double-click Add Source, then click <None> and on the screen that opens type in the path exactly as follows: then click OK.
  • Back to the Add source screen, click the box underneath “Enter a name for this media source“, and type noobsandnerds (or whatever you want to name it) then click OK to save the source.
  • Back to the Kodi home screen, click Add-ons at the left of the screen. Next, click the Add-on browser icon (the open box at the top left).
  • Click Install from zip file then click the noobsandnerds source you’ve just added.
  • Next, click to launch the repository installation and wait for a confirmation that the add-on is enabled at the top right of your screen.
  • Click Install from the repository then click noobsandnerds Repository and then again Video add-ons.
  • Locate and click the Revved Up add-on then, on the next screen, click the Install button at the bottom right.
  • The add-on all its dependencies will install, as confirmed by a message at the top right of your screen.


USTVNow is an Internet-based TV service targeting U.S. military personnel and other U.S. residents abroad who want to watch American TV. It is, however, available to anyone and is not geo-blocked. Its basic service offers six channels for free: ABC, CBS, FOX, My9, The CW, and PBS. with about half of NASCAR races carried on FOX, the free version of USTVNow can provide a lot of value for NASCAR fans who don’t want to pay for a premium service.

Unfortunately, USTVNow does not offer NBC, NBCSN, or Fox Sports. You won’t be able to watch practice and qualifying runs. It used to include NBC but it was recently removed and it’s impossible to know if it will ever return. Also, its channels are only available in standard definition with the free service and the image quality can sometimes leave to be desired. However, upgrading to premium for $19 a month for the first three months, $29 a month after that will get you HD quality and a total of 24 channels but still no NBC, NBCSN, or Fox Sports.

The USTVNow add-on for Kodi allows you to watch your USTVnow channels right from within Kodi. Anything available in your USTVNow package is available in the add-on.

Installing USTVNow

The USTVNow add-on is an “official” Kodi add-on so it’s super easy to install. Just follow these simple steps.

  • From the Kodi home screen, click Add-ons at the left of the screen. Next, click the Add-on browser icon (the open box at the top left).
  • Click Install from the repository then click Kodi Add-n repository and then again Video add-ons.
  • Locate and click the USTVNow add-on then, on the next screen, click the Install button at the bottom right.
  • When you first use the add-on, you’ll need to enter your USTVNow username and password. Note that your account MUST use a password and NOT use Facebook or Google login for this add-on to work. Keep that in mind when creating your USTVNow account.

Other Features Of USTVNow

Depending on your subscription level, USTVNow includes either 6 or 24 different channels amongst the most popular. Also, the paid subscription includes a cloud-based DVR function so you can watch any program up to a week later.

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PS Vue

PlayStation Vue of PS Vue is Sony’s offering in Internet-based TV. Contrary to USTVNow, it is meant to replace a cable or satellite subscription and is a paying service. It is also worth noting that it is only available in the US. Their $39.99 Access plan offers over 40 channels including NBC, Fox, NBCSN, and Fox Sports 1 so you’ll be able to watch any broadcasted NASCAR Content. This includes every Monster Energy, Xfinity, and Camping World Truck Series race, plus qualifying, practice, and shows like NASCAR RaceDay.

As a bonus PSVue also lets you add any NASCAR series to your “favorite shows” list and have it automatically recorded and stored in the cloud for later viewing. No longer will you be tied to your TV on race day and you’ll be able to enjoy them when you see fit.

Just like the USTVNow add-on, the PS Vue add-on is a Kodi front-end to the PS Vue service. any channel that is included in your PS Vue subscription will be available from within the add-on.

Installing PS Vue

Another “official” Kodi add-on, installing PS Vue is as easy as USTVNow was.

  • From the Kodi home screen, click Add-ons at the left of the screen. Next, click the Add-on browser icon (the open box at the top left).
  • Click Install from the repository then click Kodi Add-n repository and then again Video add-ons.
  • Locate and click the PS Vue add-on then, on the next screen, click the Install button at the bottom right.
  • When you first start the add-on, you’ll have to enter your PS Vue username and password.

Other Features Of PS Vue

Where to begin? Even with the most basic plan, you get over 40 channels in HD. And there’s also a cloud-based DVR so you never miss a TV program. The service has all the big networks but also many specialized channels such as Discovery or HGTV and also AMC, USA, TBS, or SyFy, to name a few. You can even opt for the full package that has over 90 channels for $74.99 a month. And there are also two other in-between subscription levels.

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NBC Sports Live Extra

So, The NBC Sports Live Extra service is also free but there is also a catch. Then You must subscribe to a US cable or satellite provider and also your channel lineup. This must include NBC. (Don’t they all include it?). An NBC Sports Live Extra is also the official streaming service of NBC. So, The organization is also not the service that is a strong suit but if you give it a little time. Then you will also find some great NASCAR content.

Having The Kodi add-on of the same name that can be used to watch most NASCAR content. This is available in the second half of the season. It includes the NASCAR playoffs and championship race.

Installing NBC Sports Live Extra

So, this is Yet another “official add-on” this one is as easy to install as the others.

  • This is From the Kodi home screen, then click on Add-ons available at the left of the screen. In the Next step, you have to click on the Add-on browser icon (the open box at the top left).
  • Now, Click on the Install from the repository and then click on Kodi Add-n repository and then again Video add-ons.
  • You can also Locate and then click on the NBC Sports Live Extra. So, add-on then, on the next screen, click on the Install button at the bottom right.

So, This will also work without any login until you want to play actual content. If you will get then you will be reminded that you need to activate it. You Just have to follow the on-screen instructions. Now, the process will also require you to log in to your cable or satellite provider.

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Other Features Of NBC Sports Live Extra

The add-on has four sections, FeaturedLive & UpcomingReplays, and Highlights. In each section is a great mix of every sport carried by NBC. In fact, the variety of sports content you’ll find it is impressive. You’ll just have to dig a little to locate anything specific.

Fox Sports Go Nascar Kodi:

Then Fox Sports Go is also a service that is also very similar to NBC Sports Live Extra except that it is from Fox. It will also include content from the Fox channel as well as all the Fox Sports channels. This is just like the equivalent NBC service and this one will also require. So, that you also have a cable or satellite service that will also include Fox. When this is again, then don’t they all?)

it is Just like most of the add-ons that we have presented so far. You can also accept the Revved Up add-on, then this one too. This will simply let you view the service’s content from within Kodi. Having the service completes in the NBC Sports Live Extra. This is at the carries events from the first half of the NASCAR Season.

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To Install Fox Sports Go Nascar Kodi:

Now, The process is almost the same as the previous two add-ons. There is only one the name of the selected add-on available in the last step is different.

  • So, From the Kodi home screen, you can also click on the Add-ons available at the left of the screen. In the Next step, you have to click on the Add-on browser icon (the open box at the top left).
  • Then click on the Install from repository and then click on Kodi Add-n repository and then again Video add-ons.
  • You can also Locate and then click on the Fox Sports Go add-on. This is available on the next screen, click the Install button at the bottom right.

Other Features Of Fox Sports Go

Just like the NBC service, this one has all the other sports that Fox carries, either on its main channel or any of its Fox Sports channels. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love it.

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So, There may also be having other add-ons that will also allow you to watch NASCAR content on Kodi. Although, having the five that we have just presented have one important thing in common. So, they are all 100% legal. Also, the sources are from official Internet sources that are authorized to distribute NASCAR kodi content. Then We have given you a few free solutions, and also a cheap one and a more expensive one. So, Those are all great solutions and also will allow you to watch–and sometimes record. There are many NASCAR events and other programs

So, this is all about Nascar Kodi. Did you ever try any of the add-ons we suggested? This is How was your experience? Did you guys have any other suggestions of add-ons to watch NASCAR content on Kodi? Kindly Share your thoughts with us and your fellow readers by using the comments below.

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