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Cuttlefish tints 3D Touch menu backgrounds on Home screen

CuttlefishWell, those guys who use 3D Touch in order to access the Home screen menu shortcuts simply from the app icons know its advantages for getting to particular app actions in a quick way. Otherwise, all of the 3D Touch Home screen menus are pretty uninteresting. And no matter what application you use the 3D Touch gesture on, simply the menu is always a similar color. Today our topic is “Cuttlefish tints 3D Touch menu backgrounds on Home screen”.

Cuttlefish tints 3D Touch menu backgrounds on Home screen

Though a new free jailbreak tweak which is known as Cuttlefish aims in order to turn that by powerfully colorizing the menu background blur in order to match the dominant color of the app icon you are using the 3D Touch gesture on.

However, the tweak does not colorize the menu itself. But it does tint the background blur/obscure. That will as a result show up behind the menu. So this also makes even the menu appear colorized as well. That overall is quite a beautifully pleasing change.

You are also able to see above that utilizing the 3D Touch gesture simply on the App Store yields a background obscure that is tinted blue. Whilst the iBooks application yields a yellow tint & also the News application yields a red/pink tint.

However, after all the colors used are the dominant or we can say them commanding colors of these app icons. So guys the tinted blurred backgrounds really create the application icons pop. Simply against any background that you probably be using.

However, the features of Cuttlefish would be a cool aesthetic for Apple. In order to adopt in a future version of iOS. But just for now, you are also able to get it by downloading Cuttlefish on your jailbroken device. Just for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

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So guys! Even devices that do not have 3D Touch, like iPads, iPod touches, & previous model iPhones are also able to use a jailbreak tweak such as Forcy or RevealMenu in order to simulate a 3D Touch gesture on the main screen simply by clicking and holding on an application icon instead. Similarly, the Cuttlefish plays amazingly with these sorts of tweaks, so practically, anyone with a jailbreak is able to also use Cuttlefish, if they have a 3D Touch display or not.

Well, What is more, is Cuttlefish works on both iOS 9 & iOS 10 devices. So even whether you are using Luca Todesco’s beta jailbreak for iOS 10 (that we suggest you do not until it’s more stable), you are also able to use this tweak now.

No options are there in order to configure, so as soon as you guys install the tweak. Similarly, you will start to see these tinting effects. In order to disable them, you will have to clear out the tweak through Cydia.

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Well, do you guys like this article. Or if you guys any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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