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Fix Airpods Issues: Cracking Audio, Popping Sound, Buzzing & Static Noises

Well, whether you guys have noticed cracking audio and also static noise in your AirPods/Beats headphones, so then here we can say you that you’re not alone! So then don’t be a worry. Here you will learn the way to Fix Airpods Issues: Cracking Audio, Popping Sound, Buzzing & Static NoisesAirpods Issues

Fix Airpods Issues: Cracking Audio, Popping Sound, Buzzing & Static Noises

However, the current devices such as Apple’s AirPods and also Beats headphones are among some of the easiest Bluetooth devices. So you are also able to use it with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. However, thanks to the current pairing method, however, which is made possible simply by the tenancy W1 chip. But they are not the best.

Although as the early reviews also have already pointed out. Adding the one published right here on iDB just by my colleague, AirPods are especially susceptible simply to what is explained as cracking and also the static noises. Whilst audio is being streamed from your device simply to the receiver in the Bluetooth headphones.

What is, however, causing this uncanny crackling as audio streams just from your device to the audio headset? However, it turns out the most as usual purposing behind so then this is simple Bluetooth interference. Whether you have more than one Bluetooth device in your nearness. Thus it could be that the wireless signals are also receiving a little jammed.

Further possible causes are there as well. But we will get in order to fix those later in the post. That said, some of the best ways are also there in order to resolve crackling sounds in your Bluetooth headphones. If you are rocking the complete-sized Beats or the miniature AirPods.

The symptoms

Well, the utilizers also have reported a host of the symptoms. Simply that all point in the exact direction: cracking audio, popping sound, clicking, buzzing, and also static noises looks to be the most reported problems. However, in fact, simply they seem to use various words for the exact same problem.

Put the AirPods back in their case

It sounds too simple, but whether this is the first time you encounter static noise. Or cracking sound in your AirPods. Simply put them back in their charging case for a few minutes. So then you probably even charge the case as well, that can not hurt.

Similarly, still, hearing popping and tap sounds? So let’s keep troubleshooting!

Disable unessentially nearby Bluetooth devices

Whether you have enormous Bluetooth devices around you. So then as noted earlier, the interference also could be the root purpose of your issues. However, so then it probably not be the solution for everyone. It is the best idea in order to check into this as a potential purpose. However, fixing it probably resolve your problem at a time and for all.

Try disabling any Bluetooth devices you are not utilizing, just like headsets, keyboards. And even substitute wireless headphones, however, which you probably also have left enabled somewhere in the exact room from the last time you used them.

Whether you have turned off all your Bluetooth devices. And you continue in order to hear the cracking, try the additional troubleshooting steps mentioned below rather.

Toggle Bluetooth off and on again to resolve AirPods Issues

However, just as changing Wi-Fi or cellular data off & on again are able to occasionally fix your internet connection woes, Bluetooth is also a wireless radio which is able to encounter connectivity bugs. Occasionally rebooting it is also able to help it to connect correctly and prevent acting up.

Though try heading to the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. Turning Bluetooth off for about 10 seconds, so then turn it back on again before attempting in order to listen to music on your AirPods or Beats again.

Whether you are using a Mac, you head to the Bluetooth menu in the Menu Bar. And then tap Turn Bluetooth Off. Although after waiting 10 seconds, simply move into the Bluetooth menu at a time again and tap Turn Bluetooth On.

Although in some cases, this will obtain you back on your feet. But whether it did not, try the next step. Similarly, still, encountering crackly audio? So now let’s move on to the next troubleshooting step.

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Reset your AirPods or Beats Solo3 headphones

Simply another potential solution is to reset your AirPods or Beats Solo3 headphones. That whether you remember, was a feasible solution for many which reportedly fixed the battery problems many AirPods utilizer early on.

Although after you reset your Bluetooth audio device. You will have to pair it again with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, so then remember it.

In order to reset your AirPods, so only abide by these steps:

1) First of all press and also hold the setup button on the back of the AirPods case for accurately 15 seconds.

2) As you wait, you have to view the LED indicator change white. Similarly, it will then flash amber a few times. So then start flashing white again.

Once you get to this step, you can pair them with your iPhone again and attempt to listen to the audio.

In order to reset your Beats Solo3 headphones, abide by these steps:

1) First of all press and also hold both the power button on the bottom/side of the right earmuff cover/shelter. Although and the volume-down button on the left earmuff cover for 10 seconds.

2) Although, after you await a whilst, so then the LED indicator (referred to by Beats as the Fuel Gauge), so you should start flashing white.

However, when you do view the light display, it is ready to be paired again with your device(s).

Update your iOS device(s)

So the Apple regularly discloses software updates for their devices. And iOS 13 was a major update.

As reported to Apple, your AirPods’ internal software will be kept up simply to date instinctively as long as you are connected to an iOS 13 device. Though that means so then you should confirm in order to update your iPhone. Or iPad to iOS 13 whether you have not already. Beats devices, on the other side, have an update process of their own.

Yes, AirPods probably work on iOS 9 just fine, but whether you are experiencing issues and also the Apple releases a software update to fix it. So the software update won’t pass on to your AirPods or Beats Solo3 whether you are on iOS 9.

However, some of you probably are uncertain to update. So because you have a jailbreak, or for some other purpose. You have to remember that this may be one of the only methods to solve the issue. On the other hand, you will have to forever hold your peace.

Call Apple

Whether it is still occurring despite these fix suggestions, Apple probably is willing to replace the potentially injured AirPods or Beats Solo3 headphones under the Guarantee. However, according to many early reviews, so then the AirPods are also not supposed in order to exhibit these effects. And many were provided free replacements.

That simply said, try calling Apple. Your local Apple Store probably is able to support it.

Unluckily, because Apple’s AirPods are also under like high demand. So then you probably have some trouble receiving replacements this early on in the game. But whether you are using Beats Solo3 headphones otherwise. So then you should find them pretty straight forward.

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Airpods Issues-Conclusion

Far away from my own experience with AirPods & Beats Solo3 goes. So I have noticed some crackly audio in the AirPods. But not really with the Beats Solo3 headphones. Normally just preventing all my other Bluetooth devices does the trick for me, and I have also run in order to solve the problem by just disabling devices when they are not in use. Well, I hope that you will like the post. If you have queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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