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GIF Keyboard: Best GIF Keyboard apps for iPhone & iPad

GIF KeyboardAnimated GIFs look to be the most famous things people share nowadays apart from photos. If on social platforms or in text messages. Those short animations are also all around. You are also able to share something Pleasant, thoughtful, hilarious, sarcastic, or wacky, and guys the list is carry on. In this tutorial, you will learn the Best GIF Keyboard apps for iPhone & iPad.

GIF Keyboard: Best GIF Keyboard apps for iPhone & iPad

Whether you guys search Google, so then you will find lots of GIFs for the topic you need. But why bother when you are also able to use a keyboard particularly for them? These are the best GIF keyboard applications for iPhone & iPad to bring fun to your messages.

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Giphy: The GIF Search EngineGIF Keyboard

Well, You probably have listened to Giphy as it is the biggest name in GIFs. So definitely, they provide a keyboard for your iOS device & it is the best one.

Also access the keyboard in Messages, Mail, or wherever guys you like your GIF. You are also able to browse or perform a quick search just by using a keyword. Simply you have to click when you find the GIF that you like and next also paste it into the text field.

However, Giphy also provides animated stickers, text, & emojis just along with the capability for saving your favorites with a free account.

Just along with the keyboard, the application also works separately on your device. You guys are also able to search for & also send GIFs right from it to make & upload your own GIFs.

Though all of this makes Giphy the best package for sending & sharing GIFs on iPhone & iPad.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Android, & the web
  • CostFree

GIF KeyboardGIF Keyboard

Alright! the GIF Keyboard is another best choice for finding & also sharing GIFs. You are also able to browse via trending GIFs or search for one in specific with a keyword.

You have to click the GIF you like to use & also add a caption before sending it whether you like. However, you are also able to add GIFs to your favorites, also add them in packs. Or grasp the links & quickly post them on Twitter or Facebook. You guys are also able to switch back to a regular keyboard within the GIF Keyboard application too, just with a click.

Such as the Giphy, GIF Keyboard also works as an isolated application where you are also able to browse, search, & also save GIFs as well as upload your own just with a free account.

Similarly, also for another terrific choice, so then you should clearly check out GIF Keyboard.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Mac, Android, and the web
  • CostFree

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Well, the Fleksy has not considered a GIF keyboard such as the others here. Guys here is the reason for this that this is just because it permits you to search the web with services such as Yelp & YouTube. But it also provides a nice built-in GIF search option for its keyboard. So, also for a keyboard application simply with extras far away only GIFs, check out Fleksy.

Searching for a GIF that you want is straightforward. With the keyboard open, click the search icon. Just when the keyboard applications appear, such as Spotify, Yelp, & YouTube, click the GIFs one. You are also able to then pop in a keyword in order to search or browse via categories such as trending, bored, kiss, & good morning. Click the one you desire and next, you have to paste it into the text area.

For the too cool way in order to search for things that you like to share in your text messages, additionally to GIFs, Fleksy is an amazing keyboard.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • CostFree with in-app purchase for theme packs

Closing Words

Alright! The GIFs are also really entertaining in order to share with peers, family, colleagues, or whoever & wherever. Text messages, emails, social media platforms; you are also able to share a GIF quicker than ever simply with these cool GIF keyboard applications for iPhone & iPad.

Whether you have a GIF keyboard that is not on this list that you like in order to use, also share it in the comments section below. So we are also able to all give it a try! Or whether you already use these keyboards, so then let us know why you like it best.

And whether you are looking for the best swipe keyboards, font keyboards, or emoji keyboards for iPhone, we have got you covered.

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