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Handwritten Text Messages _Send Messages On iPhone/iPad

Handwritten Text Messages

iPhone allows you to send Handwritten Text Messages on iPhone and iPad devices. In case. if you are having a new iPhone user. You can simply don’t use the Messages app as much as others. This is also possible to not realizing all of the cool things. So, you can do this with your texts. Now, you can also use the nifty screen effects, add GIFs and photos, and pop in some cute stickers.

So, another great way is that you can also personalize your text messages that are with handwriting. Now, you can probably not use it for a lengthy message, but for a quick “I’m sorry,” “Hi there,” or “ Are you there,”. So, nothing except your spoken words makes it more special than if you write it yourself. Then here is how to send handwritten text in the Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

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How To Send Handwritten Text Messages?

First of all, you have to open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad. You can also follow these steps to handwrite a text.

1) Now, With the Messages you have to open and then text on to the screen. You can also turn your iPhone sideways. Then note down that you don’t have to turn your device if you are using an iPad.

2) If you put your cursor is in the message field. Then the keyboard will also display a scribble key, then tap it.

Handwritten Text Messages


3) Now, you will also see a clean screen that is for you to handwrite your message. So, you can also use one of the premade messages. Then you can also see this at the bottom with a tap. So, whatever joy is that? Beat out your index finger and then use your own handwritten text messages.

4) Click on the Done option. If you finish and then Send your text.

In case, if you get yourself and then set to handwrite your text and then change your mind. You just have to tap the Keyboard button that is on the bottom right. Then you will be back to simple typing.

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How To Enter & Exit the Handwritten text messages Mode on iPhone?

Now, you can also enter and then exit handwritten mode. This can simply get by rotating the iPhone between horizontal and vertical mode while in any Message thread. So, the recipient does not need to be on a modern version of iOS or even an iPhone. Now, the message will also just arrive as a picture iMessage or MMS if applicable.

In this case, if you want to rotate the iPhone then you want just a wider keyboard. This is just like an earlier version of iOS. You have to tap the keyboard button in the corner. So, that this will also hide the handwritten messages panel. Then reveal the keyboard as usual within iMessages.

After receiving the end of the handwritten messages. This will also come across to the other iPhone and iPad users. So, this is as animated initially. In case, if they are being written out on the device, which is a nice effect. Now, you can even save the messages as a picture file if you want to.

In case, if you are on a Mac, then you get to see the handwritten messages too. This is unlike many of the other iOS message effects. Having a fun feature overall then though this is also intended for handwritten. Then you can also scribble drawings and anything else as well.

How To Fix Handwriting text message not working on iOS?

So, Does your iPhone handwritten keyboard come up automatically? If yes then you should check screen rotation lock is off/not orange on the Control Center. In case, if it is enabled, then please do disable/gray and then turn your iPhone. This is into the landscape mode as mentioned in the above guide.

So, the Next clue you have to tap on the hand-drawn loop button appear. This is in the lower-right of your on-screen keyboard. Now, the handwritten key also looks like an upside-down hand-scripted “e.”  So, none of the workarounds work. This can also Restart the iPhone that is an excellent solution. Also, it is very easy to use handwritten mode on big screen iOS devices (iPhone Plus or iPad models).

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Ways to Use Pre handwritten Text Messages on iPhone or iPad:

So, you don’t want to spend time while writing a message? Now, you have a ready-made choice as well.

#1. You have to follow all of the steps from 1 to 4 mentioned above.

#2. This is at the bottom having a row of pre-written messages such as, “thinking of you”, “congratulations” and more will appear.  So, The handwritten messages were also sent earlier. Then this will also save here.

#3. You can simply tap on any message to check out the preview and then send it if you want.

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Way to Send iMessage on iPad:

So, unlike the iPhone, there is a dedicated button on the software keyboard on the iPad. You can also let them access the handwriting screen a bit easier.

#1. First of all, you have to launch the Messages app on your iPad. Then choose the contact that you want to send a handwritten message.

#2. Click on the “iMessage” text field available on the screen.

#3. Now, you will also see a handwriting button at the bottom layer of the software keyboard. Then click on it.

#4. So, The handwriting canvas will also appear on the screen. You just have to swipe left/right on it. This is by using two fingers to write whatever you want. Then you have to access your previously hand-drawn messages. Click on the “Clock” icon that is available at the bottom-left corner. Then This is all about it!

You have to Go ahead and then send a lot of cool handwritten messages to your friends. So, you Don’t need to forget and to share your feedback with us in the comment box.

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Most of the time, text messages can feel impersonal. This is by using tricks that are just like this. You have to make them special and then make a world of difference to your recipient. Now, even if it is a hand-drawn smiley face instead of an emoji. This is also possible to make someone’s day.

So, Are you going to give handwritten text messages a try? Which one is your favorite feature for personalizing your text messages? Kindly share your thoughts within the comments below! You just have to remember that, if you have tips you want to share, then you can also ping us on Twitter.

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