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How to Fix Apple Music Deleted All Songs: Guide

 Apple Deleted All SongsIt is recent news that one user of Apple complained that he signed out of his Apple id. And when he tried in order to sign back in. He surprised in order to view that the songs that he downloaded from Apple Music in his library got cleared somehow. In this guide, you will learn the way to Fix Apple Music Deleted All Songs.

Luckily, there are some solutions you guys are also able to try to get back your disappeared playlist. In this guide, we will introduce you to all possible methods in order to support you to reload the lost Apple Music playlists just without much trouble. Whether you guys are going via this same situation. Next, you guys will probably know how annoying it is to see that your favorite Apple Music playlist disappeared. Isn’t it, right?

Why Apple Music Deleted All Songs

However, Guys! Just before you get to know the way to get your Apple Music playlist. So it is too perfect in order to know what makes you go via this frustrating situation. Simply when you view your Apple music playlists are missing. So then there probably be something uncommon with iCloud Music Library. Simply it is a feature that also allows you to sync all the streaming music from Apple Music also iTunes across various devices.

At a time when you guys enabled this feature, so then Apple will also automatically start scanning your music library simply along with replacing songs with its own versions & finally, upload anything that it does not know to its servers. Another cause that is also able to lead you to miss Apple Music playlists issue is your Apple Music subscription outdated.

Though whether you have enabled the iCloud Music Library. And view the files that are missing from your iPhone or iPad. Next don’t be panic as you are also able to still get back them back by using the methods mentioned in the next part.

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Way Get Backup Disappeared Apple Music Playlists

You are also able to bring back the cleared Apple Music playlists in two procedures. Here, we are also heading to discuss both methods in detail simply to get your job complete with ease.

Re-enabled your iCloud Music Library to Fix Apple Music Deleted All Songs

However, the iCloud Music Library is the feature that keeps all of your Apple Music songs & playlists. One of the common causes, why your playlists got removed, is there probably be something incorrect with this feature. In such situations, all you guys are also able to do is to re-enable your iCloud Music Library.

Follow the below steps in order to learn the way to re-enable iCloud Music Library:

  • To start with, you have to head to the “Settings” app on your iPhone. And then, drop down your screen in order to find and choose the “Music” option.
  • At a time when you guys are on the Music page, enable the “iCloud Music Library” option whether it disable. Whether it already enable, so then you have to turn it off and then, enable it once more.

When you guys enable your iCloud Music Library, simply you will also get two options. You should select the first one i.e. “Keep Music”. In a while, you guys are also able to now see. Listen to your downloaded Apple Music playlists & songs again.

Furthermore, as we told you earlier that there is also another cause why your playlists disappear from your library is due to the subscription of your Apple Music is out-of-date. What whether you do not like to renew your subscription? Next, you guys are also able to still have your playlist. And all you guys must have to do is to use iOS content management tool like AnyTrans.

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Add Your Playlist to iPhone with AnyTrans to Fix Apple Music Deleted All Songs

However, AnyTrans is a too easy-to-use tool created primarily in order to manage your iOS content from the desktop (both Windows & Mac supported). By using this tool, you guys are also able to transfer data b/w devices, between device & PC or furthermore. It also offers a way to add your playlists to your iPhone simply and just without removing the existing data. The perfect part of the tool is that it is entirely compatible with all iPhone models, that include the iPhone X/XS/XR.

In order to learn the way to add playlists to the iPhone, you guys must have to download AnyTrans from its official site on your PC. And then, abide by the below steps:

100% Clean and Safe

  • At a time when installing AnyTrans software successfully, simply run it. And you have to connect your iPhone to the PC with the help of a digital cable.
  • Select the “iTunes Library” mode > Choose the music you need > Tap on the “To iDevice” button on the top-right corner simply to get the selected music to your device.

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That’s all guys! On what you guys are also able to do when you encounter a problem like the Apple Music playlist missing on the iPhone. The processes offered in this guide can also support you to access the cleared Apple Music songs & playlists again.

Though AnyTrans is the most suggested solution as it also offers an effective. Tap via way to access the playlists on the iPhone. So, just provide one shot to this tool that is able to also even support you to simply manage all of your iOS data, which include photos, videos, etc.

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