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How to Fix Asus Transformer Pad Won’t Turn On

Asus TransformerThe Asus Transformer Pad tablet’s users are frequently hit with an issue where the device won’t enable. Whether you are encountering the same issue, so then we have some steps that you are able to try.

How to Fix Asus Transformer Pad Won’t Turn On

However, first, it probably looks simple, but confirm that you have charged the Transformer Pad accurately. Whether you have just purchased the device, it is suggested that you charge it for at least 8 hours. Just before enabling it the first time. Simply you have to charge it just by using the wall adapter, not your PC as charging through USB can take much longer.

Also, you have to confirm that you are pressing and also holding the “Power” button to enable it. Hereby tapping it at times without holding it will not enable it.

Whether you are sure that you have sufficient battery power and you are also performing everything accurately, try the following steps. Here first I want to explain some most common Symptoms:

Asus Transformer Pad Won’t Turn On-Symptoms

  • ASUS tablet won’t charge
  • However, the ASUS tablet won’t go past the ASUS splash screen
  • The tablet vibrates when enabled but the screen remains black
  • ASUS tablet is stuck in a boot loop

However, not having our tabs around is vastly unsuitable, awkward. So use the guides below in order to pinpoint the cause of your issue and hopefully restore the functionality of your ASUS Transformer Tablet.

But, before heading into the technical stuff, you have to perform a series of quick check-ups:


  • First of all, you have to confirm that your device also has sufficient power in it to begin. Now you must leave it charging for at least an hour before performing to enable it.
  • Now confirm that you don’t have any lint or dirt in the power slot of your device. As it probably hinders the transfer of electricity. Whether you view any foreign objects, you have to remove the battery and also use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol for getting rid of them.
  • Confirm that your power adapter is not broken. So you have to try to borrow another compatible charger for your ASUS tablet or plug it into a USB port and view whether it charges.
  • Whether you currently installed a screen protector, simply confirm the proximity sensors are not covered by it. Similarly, this will cause your screen in order to remain black.

Fix 1: To fix the Power Button

Similarly, some ASUS Transformer models bear a design defect that causes the power button. In order to get stuck within the casing of the tablet. However, this is too much usual on ASUS Transformer T100. Whether that is the case, the button will be more inside. And then you won’t easily push it like you usually would. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Separate/divide the tablet from its dock just by pressing the big silver button. However, which is located below the tablet, and also remove it away from the base.
  2. However, you have to use your nails or a plastic opening tool in order to pry upwards into the seam of the tablet casing. Simply you have to push till you feel the clips release.
  3. Redo the method just on all four edges till all the clips are released. You must have to perform it carefully so then you don’t break any of them.
  4. Clear the rear casing and also use a flathead screwdriver in order to push the button connection up. Begin slowly and moderately increase the power till you hear the button pop back into place.
  5. Reset the device and then you must have to push the power button again. For viewing whether it is working accurately.

Fix 2: To Unplug the battery connector

Whether your Asus tablet is completely unresponsive/insensible, so then you have to try plugging it into a charger. So if the orange charge light doesn’t visible on the power button, so then you must try inserting the device into its dock. However, the dock signals that it is charging, the issue is certainly related you your device’s battery.

However, just like this, simply it is worth a shot to disconnect the battery. Before hooking it up again and view whether it fixed your issue. Although this issue normally occurs when the device has come into contact with a tiny amount of water or it has been stored in a humid environment. However, disconnecting the battery connector will signal the device in order to prevent guarding itself and permit power to the rest of the components.

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Simply the following steps should take whether your warranty also has expired. However, this guide also includes removing the warranty sticker. That leads to your device losing warranty. Here is what you have to do:


  1. Un-dock your device and clear its back cover.
  2. Simply you should view a gold cover on the back with a small yellow warranty sticker. Whether you do not view the yellow warranty sticker, it may already be cleared.
  3. Clear out the yellow sticker and then you have to head to the gold cover.
  4. Soon the gold cover will clear out you should notice the connector which links the battery to the motherboard.
  5. Unplug it carefully, await for a whilst & plug it back in again.
  6. Reset your ASUS tablet and view whether it enables.

Fix 3: Doing a trickle charge

It is possible that your battery has been permitted to so become topple to the point where it cannot accept a regular charge from a wall charger. Similarly, in cases like this, you either head for battery settings or you opt for a trickle charge. Similarly, it is approved which lithium batteries do not like being fully discharged. Whether the battery is drained/void fully. The chances are the device won’t accept a charge simply from your regular Asus a/c charger.

A dribble charge includes charging your tablet from a low voltage connection. However, this means that you either charge it from a PC USB port. Or from a low power charger which works with 5v/500ma. However, here is what you like to do:


  1. For this, you have to simply plug your device into a PC USB port or a low power charger.
  2. Allow it to charge for around 10 hours. Whether you chose a USB port charge, so do not allow your PC to go into sleep mode.
  3. Now you must have to plug it back into your regular a/c charger. And view whether it has sufficient charge in order to recognize and also accept a higher voltage.
  4. Whether it realizes the charger, leave it to charge for another 10 hours before turning it on again.

Fix 4: Doing a Soft Restart in order to fix Asus Transformer Pad Won’t Turn On

Whether you are also able to hear the device turning on. But the screen remains black, you have to abide by the tips below that are given

  1. Here you must have to hold the Volume down button for about 2-3 seconds. And then press and also hold the Power button.
  2. Then you must keep them both pressed till you view the screen powering on. At times when you view the ASUS splash screen, allow to go of both buttons.
  3. Must press the Volume Up button again. Do not hold it, just press it at a time.
  4. Finally, your device should restart and boot up usually.

Fix 5: Doing a Soft Reset and a Hard Reset

Whether your device is preserved, unresponsive/dull, or is stuck in a continuous boot loop, this probably supports. You have to just begin by doing a soft reset and see whether it solves your issue. So here is the way:

  1. However, you must have to hold the power button.
  2. Simply when the screen goes black, you must disclose the power button.
  3. Whether it runs in order to boot up, make your route to Settings > About device. And also update to the latest software available.

Whether the soft reset did not support. So let’s try a hard reset. Remember that a hard reset is like a factory reset, just that it is completed through the hardware buttons. Abide by the steps below :


  1. Turn off your ASUS Transformer device.
  2. Then press and hold the Volume down button + the Power button.
  3. Disclose both buttons when you view the green android image appearing.
  4. Now you must use the volume keys to navigate downwards and also you must highlight the setting named “Recovery mode“.
  5. Press the Power button to select it.
  6. Now you should view a screen that says “No command”
  7. Press and hold the Volume Up + Power button until the new menu appears.
  8. Utilize the volume buttons in order to navigate to “wipe data/factory reset”. And also you must press the power button in order to make that choice.
  9. Now you must use the volume buttons again in order to highlight “Yes”. Now press the power button again to make sure
  10. Here the hard reset will begin now. Simply it will take a while. So when the procedure is complete, you will prompt to initiate a reboot.

Well, guy, we hope that one of the fixes above has fixed your ASUS tablet related issue. Whether nothing worked, your device has to be sent for repair.

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Asus Transformer Pad Won’t Turn On-Conclusion

Whether you have just purchased the device, it suggests that you charge it for at least 8 hours. Just before enabling it the first time. Simply you have to charge it just by using the wall adapter, not your PC as charging through USB can take much longer.

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