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How To Install Disconnect Extension

Do you want to install a Disconnect extension? Many websites keep records of what you do online. They track pages you frequently visit, what you purchase, location data, and lots of other stuff. That data is being used to serve irritating ads. while browsing through the web. You can also secure some of the data collection using a simple browser extension.

However, after disconnecting an extension for Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox that does just what its name suggests— it secures websites such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and lots more from tracking you. It executes in the background, but it can compromise on your browsing experience.

Click here To Install Disconnect.

How To Install Disconnect Extension To Maintain Your Privacy:

Google Disconnect Extension

As you’ll then view, you can also unblock websites in real-time, just in a situation if you think you want the blocked functionality, and you can also view what has been blocked. Well, I’ll use the Google Chrome add-on for your ease or for the illustration, as the other ones do exactly the same thing.

Once you install the extension, you’ll have a button located next to the address bar in Google Chrome. Tapping any of the sections will re-enable it, and you can do this if you think that you are missing some functionality.

Whenever you visit a website, all you need to do is to Disconnect starts blocking tracking scripts on the website. I select a site (which remains unnamed) to display you. However, the current view shows the site with completely stopped.

You can also view ads, or any other social network sharing buttons.

Here’s the same page with Disconnect enabled. You can also view that many things that are gone like the Google Adsense ads or Facebook Like icon. Also, they are not popular for tracking your web-behavior.

Another amazing functionality is the Secure Wi-Fi one. As it encrypts data you send to some domains (such as some belonging to Google or Facebook) to avoid harmful parties from monitoring.

In short, the service can be quite essential for your security or privacy. If you’re very anxious about tracking, you can then finally use this with the Do Not Track feature in browsers.


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