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How to Put Saved Photos and Videos on Instagram Story

 Instagram StorySubsequently, Snapchat presents Stories, the most famous feature that has been adopted by Facebook in its different apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp (which is known as “Status”). And even Facebook itself. However, guys the“Stories” allows you to share a stream of photos & videos that have a lifetime of 24 hours, & instinctively they expire beyond that duration. Here you will learn the way to Put Saved Photos and Videos on Instagram Story.

Well, Guys! Instagram only allows you to pick photos & videos from Camera Roll/Photo Library. Though that has been shot in the last 24 hours. Anything older than that rejects by the picker. Whether you like to make an Instagram Story by using your older photos & videos, the application will not permit you to do that.

However, after understanding the Stories feature, some utilizers discovered the tips for putting a story on Instagram from Gallery or Camera Roll. Allows seeing that how these Instagrammers run to do that.

How to Put Saved Photos and Videos on Instagram Story

Instagram organized a new feature recently which is now known as Stories. That permits you to post photos & videos though that will not appear in your feed. But it will be visible by your followers on Instagram in a slideshow format, just for 24 hours. This is the best way to share too much on Instagram just without polluting your feed just with dozens of photos & videos that you would not otherwise publish.

Though when firstly playing with Instagram Stories, I could not figure out the way to upload pictures. Or videos that I had already taken. Rather, it also looks at that time, that I was forced to first shoot by using the Instagram application and also upload from there. Simply after a few minutes, at last, I figured it out. Because it is not that clear, I also thought I should post about it as it probably supports a few readers wondering the exact thing: how can you put photos or videos from your library on your Instagram story?

In this guide, we will display a certain workaround to allow you to use older photos & also videos in your Instagram Stories.

To Upload photos & videos from your library to your Instagram story

Well, guys! As it turns out, the feature was hiding in plain sight.

  • Though in Instagram, you have to click on the Camera icon in the upper left corner in order to add a new story. Simply this will take you into camera mode. Instagram Story
  • However, this is where you are able to select to record a video or snap a photo. But guys what we like to do is bring up our photo library. For doing this, you have to simply pull up on the screen. And an image picker will disclose at the bottom.
  • Then from there, you have to select the photo or video that you like to upload. So then you probably of course annotate it before uploading it.

Some restrictions are also there to this. The First & limitation is that only pictures or videos captured within the last 24 hours will be available & also eligible to be shared on your story. Though anything shot over 24 hours ago will not even display in the image picker.

However, the second restriction is just that whether you upload a video though which is longer than 10 seconds. It will instantly crop for fitting the 10-second format. So here I would suggest editing the video first in order to crop it as you like it. So then upload it to your story.

That’s all there is to it. Guys, it is not complex/handy, but not entirely obvious either.

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Well, Guys! It is definitely not complex, but not completely obvious either. What do you guys think about stories since? So share your opinions in the comments below. Ans in case of queries you can also ask us in the comments section below.

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