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How To Send Fax Via Filesanywhere – Tutorial

Do you want to send a fax via Filesanywhere? Fax is one of those legacy techs that are now outdated, yet many organizations refuse to give up.  However, government agencies or insurance companies favor the fax the most.  These same enterprises also “advertise” about how they accept a fax. Also, they can’t accept mails as another choice or alternative. The issue with this is that some households don’t have a fax machine and some don’t use the telephone.

How To Send Fax Without Fax Machine:

How To Send Fax

If you don’t have any fax machine then don’t fret this leaves you with some alternatives:

  1. Find a fax machine:
    Some office supply stores (like Office Depot, Staples) will allow you to send faxes. But it’ll cost from $1.50 – $15 per fax. As it depends on the total number of pages.
  2. Snail-mail:
    Usually, if an organization accepts faxes then it can also accept mailed-in papers.  But, no one wants to wait all of those additional days for the paper-mail to be delivered.
  3. Use Internet Fax Service Or Email-to-fax:
    This might be your best bet.  Unfortunately, some internet fax services need a subscription.  From the free ones, some print ads on your faxes or severely limited.

After looking at the alternatives, none of them look good. If only there were some options that worked… Well, I found the best one! Filesanywhere is the best bet and an internet fax service. But it is based on your system software that works like Dropbox. They provide you 1GB of free online space or storage. Also, there is an Android app that allows you to access these files and fax them from your mobile. To sign up for an account and add additional space, it worths $1 per month per extra gigabyte.

Filesanywhere free accounts don’t have page limitations or file-size. But you are just allowed a maximum number of 10 faxes per month. Once you upgrade to the basic usage for a price of $2.95 dollar per month. Then they exceed the limit to 500 faxes. If we talk about privacy the issue, their terms of service are reasonable.

How To Send Fax Via Filesanywhere:

How To Send Fax via filesanywhere

Requirements To Send Faxes:

  • You need a free (basic) filesanywhere account
  • A PC with a web browser that compatible with Java, or the mobile filesanywhere application.
  • The files that you like to fax.

Steps To Send Fax Via Filesanywhere:

  • Initially Login to filesanywhere. Then tap the Upload tab and then click Add Files.  When you have selected the files, click the Upload button. When the upload is finished, your files will display up in the left pane.
  • Now you have successfully uploaded your files, tap the Send / Share tab. At the bottom of the Sharing options, tap Send Fax.
  • Now you should view the Send Fax dialog. However, from the left-pane choose the file that you like to fax, then from the right-pane. Just tap the Add Selected >>> button. As it makes the file display up in the list from the right. Remember that you can also attach various files to single fax if you want to.
  • Under the box where we simply added the file. Input details of the recipient.  Everything you add here will display on the cover page of the fax.
  • Then, from the recipient details, tap the Sender Details tab.  Now add your information, and if you would need a copy of the fax sent to your email, also enter that.
  • You can select whether or not you would like to send a cover page located at the upper of your fax.  If you do, you can then add a message or subject to it. After you done this, tap Send Fax.
  • Filesanywhere will redirect anywhere from 3-10 minutes to share your fax.  You can also view the status after tapping the Send / Share tab located the upper and then choosing Fax History.
  • From the fax history page. Your status will show or the files names you send and the recipient.  You can tap the small disk icon if you want to download/install a copy of the fax you send to view what it seems like. After you entered an email, you will then get an email confirmation when the fax is successfully delivered.

All done!


In my opinion, the best thing about filesanywhere is that it has an Android counterpart that lets you do everything then desktop-webapp can. So, you must try this app and share your experience with us. Waiting for your valuable feedback!

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