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How to Turn on Chrome 80 Tab Groups

Google Chrome is basically designed along with multiple page tabs in mind. That has too many tabs open, but, can make it difficult in order to keep track of your open pages. A really good way to deal with this problem is to use tab groups in Chrome actually. Let’s now discuss How to Turn on Chrome 80 Tab Groups.

Well, unfortunately, this is not an option that is turned on by default actually. You will need to turn on Chrome tab groups via the hidden Chrome flags menu. Let’s see how you can turn on and use tab groups in Chrome.

What actually are group tabs?

Google basically released the group tab feature in order to help users organize their collection of open tabs in the Chrome web browser actually. Through selecting to group tabs together, then you can identify them based on given names and colors instantly. When you make a group, you can then move and reorder your tabs on the tab strip. Best of all, whenever you close Chrome, the tabs remain in place. Whenever you do with a group, just right-tap on it and choose the Close group to delete it.

How to Turn on Chrome 80 Tab Groups

In order to see if Tab Groups are already turned on in Chrome, right-click a browser tab and also look for the “Add to new group” option as well. If you guys see it, Tab Groups are turned on and you don’t even have to activate the flag actually.

In order to turn on the Tab Groups, open a new Chrome browser tab. You need to type the following into its Omnibox (address bar,) and then tap on the Enter key:


chrome 80 tab groups

Now in the search bar at the top of the page, type “Tab Groups” and then choose “Enabled” from the dropdown menu next to the flag actually.

chrome 80 tab groups

You have to click the “Relaunch Now” button in order to restart Chrome and then apply the experimental flag that’s been enabled. Make sure to save any work in any open tabs actually. Chrome will then reopen any tabs you had open, however, text typed into fields on the page may vanish as well.

Warning: This feature is basically behind an experimental flag on older versions of Chrome. That actually means Google’s developers were still working on it and there is not guarantee to completely stable as well. Just like Google Chrome’s Clipboard sharing feature, it may also be really buggy. We originally tested this feature in Google Chrome 80 as well.

How to Group Tabs in Google Chrome

Along with the Tab Groups flag enabled and Chrome restarted, you guys will be able to group tabs together. Id you want to create a new tab group, then just right-tap an open tab and then choose the Add to New Group option. The tab will then appear as part of a new group of tabs along with a colored outline around it. You guys can follow the same process in order to create further tab groups.

Chrome will then automatically set a default color for a tab group actually. You guys can also change this through tapping the colored circular label icon next to your tab group as well. This will actually display a drop-down options menu for your tab group as well, there you can also change the group color and add a group name label too. The name you select for your group will then appear inside the tab label icon.

In case, if you want to add more tabs to the new group you have created. Then just right-tap on another tab and hover over Add to Existing Group, then choose the option that matches your chosen tab group actually. In order to delete a tab from your group, then right-tap on the tab and select the Remove from Group option.

chrome 80 tab groups

You guys can close all of the open tabs in a group at once through tapping on the colored tab label (or circle, if the tab is unnamed) and clicking the Close Group option. Select Ungroup to delete all of the grouped tabs from the group and then returning them to normal.

Adjusting Google Chrome Settings

While it is not turned on by default, Chrome tab groups prove how flexible the Chrome experience can actually be. You guys can also tweak your Google Chrome settings even further through turning off tab hover cards in order to reduce screen clutter, for instance actually.

If you guys are looking for an entirely new (yet totally familiar) browser experience. Then you should start with Microsoft Edge, also the new Chrome-based Microsoft browser, rather.

How can you Use Tab Groups in Chrome?

Well, as soon as the Chrome relaunches, you won’t notice anything different at first actually. In order to use the tab grouping feature, you guys will need to open a few tabs in order to use it to its full extent.

  • First, open a few of your favorite web pages in order to start grouping your tabs.


  • Now, right-tap on a tab and choose “Add To New Group” from the context menu.
  • A colored circle will then appear next to the tab, and whenever you tap either the tab or the circle, the tab group menu will then show. This is where you guys can name the group, change the color-coding, add a New Tab into the group, ungroup all of the tabs in the group, or also close all the tabs that are in the group.

chrome 80 tab groups

  • Whenever you give the group a name, the circle then disappears and is replaced via the label that you gave it.
  • In order to give your tab groups more personality, you can select one of the eight colors available. Well, this also helps a bit in distinguishing between groups if you do not want to give them a name actually.
  • If you want to add a New Tab page inside an existing group. Then tap on “New Tab In Group,” and it will appear alongside anything already in the group.
  • In order to add tabs to an already existing group, right-tap a tab. Just click on “Add To Existing Group,” and then select the group you want to add it to.

Further | chrome 80 tab groups

  • Just like that, drag a tab over into the existing tab group until the color encapsulates it and let it go. The tab will now be a part of the grouping as well.
  • If you guys don’t like the order in which the groups are organized, then it is really easy enough to re-arrange them. Drag the label or colorful circle around the tab bar unless you guys are happy with its location.
  • If you guys no longer want a particular tab in a group, then you can delete it. Just right-tap on the tab and choose “Remove from group.” You guys can also drag the tab from the group and also place it in an empty section.


  • However, if you guys want to disband the group altogether, then you can also ungroup anything just as quickly as you created it. Click on the group name and then press “Ungroup.”
  • If you guys do everything inside the group, you can then close all the tabs at once, destroying the group and everything in it as well. Press the designated group name and then tap on “Close Group” in the menu.
  • Although Chrome’s tab grouping feature is missing some of the things. Such as the ability in order to merge groups—the Tab Groups flag is a really great way to organize, group, and also label all of the tabs that you have open in your browser actually.

What if the Group tabs are Unavailable?

Well, the tab groups were initially added to Chrome 83. If you guys have not yet updated, then we recommend you to update to the latest version. Let’s see how:

  • Tap on the three-vertical-dot More icon in the top right corner.
  • You guys may see the Update Google Chrome option listed on the drop-down menu. If not, then highlight Help and choose About Google Chrome in the second roll-out menu as well.
  • Chrome should automatically update and then display a Relaunch button actually. If there is no update, then it will simply say Google Chrome is up to date actually.

Well, please keep in mind that the tab group feature will not be immediately available in Chrome 83. Rather, Google is slowly rolling out this feature to the masses over time actually. But, you can turn on tab groups early in Chrome 83 through activating its corresponding flag. Let’s see how:

  • Just type chrome://flags in the address bar.
  • Now scroll down the long list unless you find the Tab Groups flag.
  • Tap on the down arrow next to Default and choose Enabled in the drop-down menu.
  • Press the Relaunch button at the bottom of the browser window actually.


You are good to go. If you have any queries and issues related to this “chrome 80 tab groups” article then let us know in the comments section below.

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