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How to Turn On Screen Recording on iPhone & iPad in iOS

Screen Recording on iPhoneGuys! Have you ever wondered the way to record the screen of an iPhone or iPad? So thanks to the built-in iOS Screen Recording feature, you guys are also able to capture recordings of an iPad or iPhone just in use. Next store or share those recorded screen video files for any number of causes. In this guide, you will learn the way to Turn On Screen Recording on iPhone & iPad in iOS.

Just to be able to use Screen Recording in iOS you guys will just have to turn on the screen recorder feature first, & next, it’s only a matter of knowing the way to use this brilliant feature that is native in new versions of iOS.

Well, guys here read on to learn the way to turn on this feature first. Next, the way to capture & record the screen of an iPhone or iPad, with no PC needed. We will also show you some advantageous tips to capture screen recordings successfully in iOS.

Important Note: You will have a recent version of iOS to have native screen recording capabilities with the Screen Recording feature on an iPhone or iPad. Though this means iOS 12 & later & iOS 11 or later. As earlier versions don’t support the feature natively. Whether you guys have a previous version of iOS, however, there are still screen recording options available, which we will discuss further on.

Enable Screen Recording on iPhone or iPad

Here is how you guys are also able to turn on the native iOS Screen Recording feature:

    • First of all head to the “Settings” app
    • Select “Control Center” within Settings & choose “Customize Controls”
    • Now find “Screen Recording” and click the green (+) plus button. In order to add the screen recorder order to Control Center in iOS. It will move to the “Include” section higher up
    • Comeback out of Settings

Furthermore, Now you must have enabled the iOS Screen Recorder. You guys are also able to launch other Control Center options whilst you are in that setting whether you want. But we are focusing on turning the Screen Recording feature. However, that you guys can also capture videos of what you are doing on an iPhone or iPad display.

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Use Screen Recording on iOS

    • Here you should swipe to access Control Center (here swipe down from the top-right of the screen on any iPhone or iPad without a Home button. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on any Home button device)
    • Click the Screen Recording button in Control Center, here it looks just like a little (O) circle button. Then this will count down from 3… 2… 1… to begin recording what’s on screen
    • Here use the iPhone or iPad to do what you guys like to record. Though when finished recording clicks the red button at the top of the screen. Or return to Control Center & click the stop recording button there

Get a little notification

At a time when it is finished so then, you guys will also get a little notification alerting you to the screen recording being captured successfully.

However, the captured screen recording video will also appear in the Photos app Camera Roll. Just like any other currently recorded video, photo, or screen capture, except of course it is a recording of the screen itself.

Though you will know the screen is recording. Just because of the pulsating red recording icon/button visible at the top of the iOS device screen. Whether there is no red indicator, the screen is not being recorded.

Furthermore, this works absolutely the same to capture a screen recording on iPhone & iPad, the process is identical. But definitely, the output of the stored screen recording video will also be sized differently. Just relying on the iOS device being used. Especially the devices screen orientation. (For instance, whether you guys record an iPad in horizontal mode versus vertical mode or an iPhone. Whether you are capturing a recording of a specific app being used).

iOS Screen Recording Tips

Similarly, some additional advantageous tips for capturing screen recordings on iPhone & iPad include:

    • You are also able to turn on or turn off Microphone recording (audio capture) to go along with the screen recording whether it is wished by long-pressing on the Screen Record button whilst in Control Center & toggling that setting on or off
    • You guys are also able to stop screen recordings by clicking the red button at the top of the screen, or by heading back to Control Center & clicking the prevent button there as well.
  • Well, to have a clutter-free screen capture, it is often the best idea to place an iPhone or iPad into so Do Not Disturb mode first so that notifications, alerts, calls, & messages do not appear on the display whilst you guys are trying to capture something else
  • Now use the 3-second countdown to your benefit
  • You are also able to always edit the screen recording captured video with any regular video editor on the iPhone or iPad just after the reality. Even whether it is just trimming the video length in the iOS Photos application, or using iMovie. In order to add text captions in iOS or also to zoom or crop the video in iOS iMovie too.
  • However, transferring or sending the video just to a Mac or Computer to edit it is also possible such as sending & sharing any other video file or movie (AirDrop works best for transferring from iOS to the Mac fastly & wirelessly)
  • You guys are also able to upload the screen recordings as screencasts to a cloud server, work network, any number of social sharing sites, or even to your own PC.

Furthermore, the native screen recording tool in iOS is just not the way to capture a screen recording of an iPhone or iPad. Clearly all versions of iOS, just including the most current releases, also support screen recording of iPhone & iPad with a Mac just by using QuickTime & a USB cable. However, which is too similar to how the Mac screen recording in QuickTime works too.

Help, I can’t find Screen Recorder in Control Center!

Well, you guys must have iOS 11 or iOS 12 or later to have Screen Recording as an option. Whether you guys do, be sure Screen Recorder is turned on & added in order to Control Center following the instructions above.

Whether enabled successfully, the iOS Screen Recording option will also be in the ‘Included’ section of Control Center like so:

Why Record the Screen of iOS?

Many people probably like to record the screens of their iPhone or iPad performing different actions. But it is specifically common in technical circles, IT departments, tutorials & how-to guides & websites, artists, gamers, & educators, and teachers.

You guys are also able to record a task which performs on a screen. Similarly, the screen record an app being used or a game being played. Though you guys could screen record a bug or an error and the way in which you can reproduce it. You are also able to capture a walkthrough on the way to perform a specific task, and furthermore.

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Well, Do you have any advantageous tips or tricks about screen recording on iPhone or iPad with the native iOS Screen Recorder tool? Just share with us in the comments section below!

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