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How to View all Unread Messages in Gmail Inbox

Unread Messages GmailWell, Guys! Gmail is an amazing mail client. But one feature that also has constantly felt missing was a straightforward sorting ability in order to view all unread email messages residing in an inbox. However, it turns out you guys are also able to show only the unread messages with Gmail though, you guys just have to use either a straightforward search operator in order to reveal just unread messages or utilize the various Inbox sorting method that shows unread emails first irrespective the message age. By using either process is too simple, so guys select that whichever is best for your situation.

Similarly, this tutorial will show you two various approaches to easily see unread messages in Gmail.

Way to Show Only Unread Messages in the Gmail Inbox with Search

However, this uses a search function simply within Gmail, also making it temporary. And it doesn’t change how the inbox functions or types of messages beyond this task:

    1. Here, first of all, you have to Log in to your as usual whether you guys have not completed so already
    2. Tap into the Gmail Search box at the top of the webmail screen. Next type the following exactly:


  1. Simply now must hit Return to sort the inbox by unread messages in the Gmail inbox

Whether you guys have enormous boxes & want to view unread messages in the inbox. Though a slight variation of the above trick would also be this Gmail search operator:

label: inbox, label: unread

Similarly, the Gmail inbox will also be sorted to just display messages that have not been read so far. This search operator is practically immediate regardless of how giant (or small) your unread mail count is.

Yup, these search instructions work on the web with any web browser. If it is Gmail in Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or whatever else. Additionally the common mobile Gmail applications for iPhone, iPad, & Android.

You are also able to use the “label: unread” search parameter whether that is simpler to remember or works better for your needs than “is: unread”

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View Unread Emails Only in Primary Gmail Inbox

Whether you use the default Gmail inbox filtering & also you guys also want to exclusively view only the unread emails in the “Primary” Gmail inbox. Similarly, you guys can also do that with the following search operator:

in: category:primary is:unread

That will show only the unread emails for the “Primary” inbox, in spite of the complete inbox.

Well, this is another significant benefit to webmail, after all the task of sorting giant inboxes is controlled by a remote server. However, it recreates the local machine of the disk & CPU-intensive activity of sorting just via potentially hundreds of thousands of past messages in order to find the 9000+ unread emails residing in the inbox. Similarly, this screenshot instance probably is a bit extreme. But even my personal email also has over 200+ unread messages at any given moment.

In order to disclose the normal inbox again with all read & unread messages together. Either clear the search operator simply from the search box. Also, hit return again, or just tap the “Inbox” item from the left side menu.

Even though such a simple feature, it does not seem just like common knowledge. I have been using Gmail for many years & did not know about this tip. And it’s as just in a passing conversation with a friend that I learned about it.

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Way to Change Gmail Inbox to Show Unread Email First

Well, Guys! Another option simply goes beyond sorting & also searching the inbox and basically prioritizes your Gmail inbox by message type. Similarly, in this case, unread emails. With this turned on, all unread messages will also appear on top of read messages, irrespective of when either was sent. For instance, an unread message just from two weeks ago would appear above a read message from 10 minutes ago. Though enabling this is really easy:

  • Here head to the Gmail Settings (Gear icon > Settings)
  • Select the “Inbox” tab, then pull down the “Inbox type” menu & choose the “Unread First”

Though unread messages will immediately sort to the top of the inbox. The search operator will also no longer be important unless you do not want to see the read messages at all.

Moreover, these tips and tricks are amazingly advantageous for those of us who run large inboxes, though just where the new unread messages regularly get pushed off the front pages of the inbox. And inevitably close up buried lots of screens back with lots of already read mail. As we all know, at a time when an email message ends up off the primary inbox screen. It is pretty straightforward to forget about them, though which just only adds to the feeling of inbox overload at the time when the unread count is reaching into the high numbers.

Whether Gmail is your primary email service as well, so guys do not forget to set Gmail as the default webmail client for your web browser as well.

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Well, I hope that you guys like the guide. In case of queries, or any issue you guys can also ask us in the comments section below.

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