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iOS 7 Themes: Some Of The Best Winter Board Themes

iOS 7 Themes

Here are some of the best winter board iOS 7 Themes. With the recent release of a Winter board update that has 64-bit compatibility. This also marks this as a convenient time to reflect on some of the best themes for iOS 7 devices to date. This is very important to keep in mind that several popular themes from iOS 6 have yet to be updated. However, it is also safe to assume that many of the designers will also release new versions. You have to ensure that the weeks and months. Then this is without further ado to take a look ahead for some of the best Winter board themes. This is for iOS 7 available on Cydia or elsewhere right now.

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Some of the best Winter Board  iOS 7 Themes:

iOS 7 Themes: The Zanilla 2

So, there is not much else to say about this theme. That is asides from the fact that it is absolutely beautiful. Many third-party apps can still require custom icons. This will be added over time then this is ones that are currently themed look very good. In Zanilla 2 it has drop shadows much like Solstice does below. Then the general color scheme of this theme is quite nice. The Zanilla 2 is currently without a home on Cydia. You have to get this theme and then you will have to download it. You can download it from this deviant ART page and then it can manually place the Zanilla. So, the theme of the file in the Winter board directory /Library/Themes/ using a tool such as iFile, Explorer, or iFunBox. Then Expect it to hit a repository soon.

iOS 7 Themes

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iOS 7 Themes: The Soft Remix for iOS 7

The soft remix is Easy and one of my favorite themes on this list. The Soft Remix for iOS 7 is a new take on the popular Suave HD theme. Then What I like best about Soft Remix is that it can also make the Home screen icons slightly smaller, with so-called “squircle” edges. Also, it has custom icons for some apps that I was not expecting. The BlackBerry Messenger, IMDb, SoundCloud, and a few others. So, the Third-party apps that are without custom icons don’t stand out like an eyesore with this theme more icon. You can also request are being fulfilled by designer Eduardo Lopez as we speak. The Soft Remix for iOS 7 is free on Cydia in the BigBoss repository.

iOS 7 Themes

iOS 7 Themes: The UltraFlat for iOS 7

Most of the themes are also trying to make your Home screen really stand out. Then the UltraFlat for iOS 7 takes a different approach. Just by simply flattening the stock icons. Also, the Graphic designer Ciaran O’Brien has meticulously crafted each icon by using colors. So, This is from the icon’s stock color pallet. Then all of this results in a theme that offers a very consistent design while complimenting the rest of the iOS interface. Now, The benefit of such a theme is that non-themed icon. That doesn’t stand out and fit right in. The Free on Cydia for iPhone and iPad in the ModMyi repo.

ultra flat

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The Ayeris For Winter Board :

The Ayeris is not an overt punch-you-in-the-mouth sort of theme. So, This is also a wine taster’s theme. Also, it has aimed at a sophisticated palate than one who has tired from the themes. So, that it can simply try to do too much. Now, the Ayeris also comes bundled with about 200 themed app icons. Then All of the stock iOS app icons have been tweaked and themed to match the overall style of Ayeris. So, many of the popular third-party applications have been themed as well. Now, you can also find it in the BigBoss repo for $3.99.

The M’flat Winter borad:

Now, We have been seeing quite a few ports of M’flat icons. Just by popping up in the theming community over the past week. Then this has the collection of the several dozen custom icons for the third-party apps is worth a mention. Now, the M’flat in my opinion is a nature-oriented theme, with has a lot of off-green, grey, blue and outdoor icons. Then this is Better yet and then even more icons are in the process of being added. From this is also have another theme that is not hosted on Cydia yet. Then you will need to manually place the M’flat iOS 7 theme file in the Winter board directory /Library/Themes/. This is by using a tool such as iFile, Explorer, or iFunBox.

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The Clarity:

So, People also searching for a very simplistic yet sophisticated tweak. They should look no further than Clarity for iPhone. The Clarity features almost 150 glyphs for many of the stock and third-party applications. So, The one major issue with a theme is just like Clarity is that non-themed icons that will definitely stand out. You just have to make the theme that looks inconsistent and unfinished. Then the one solution could be to put themed icons on the first page of the Home screen. Also, the non-themed icons on the following pages but that’s merely a workaround. In the Clarity, by Smuys, is also free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository.


The 7ransparency:

Having a simplicity that has been at the heart of iOS 7 design. Then the new iPhone theme by Mike Birkey uses transparency to achieve a look. So, that you can also remind us of the Clarity theme above. You just have to note this with Clarity, be prepared for non-themed icons to stick out like eyesores. This is at least until more icon requests are fulfilled. Now, the 7ransparency comes with nine different color hues. So, that you can be enabled through the Winter board. Now, We are also using white in the screenshots above by which we believe goes well with this baby blue wallpaper and Classic Dock. The 7ransparency is free on Cydia in the BigBoss repo.

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iOS 7 Themes: The 1derful HD and 1Derland

In this step, We will recently highlight the new challenges. So, that the theme makers face because of the way iOS 7 is built, and Tim Collins is certainly one of those people. Although, he has gone ahead and then issued iOS 7 and the 64-bit patches. This is for his popular 1derful HD and 1Derland HD themes. Now, these themes are also intended to skin the entire user interface. Then the limitations of iOS 7 will at least for now. Also, the limit of the both to providing custom icons on the Home screen. Then the themes don’t have a tremendous amount of icons. Now they both have a nice look and can be yours for $2.99 each on the Cydia Store.

The Rocket Sauce:


The Collins is also the creative brainchild behind Rocket Sauce. So, that another well-designed theme that he recently patched for the Winter board on iOS 7 and 64-bit devices. Now, the Rocket Sauce was another theme that used to skin the entire iOS user interface. Then currently you just have to customize the Spring Board icons that are with fog-like curved edges. After that, Collins will be issuing updates to this theme to add functionality back where possible. However, this will also take time. Then the Rocket Sauce can be yours for $2.99 in the Cydia Store.

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The Solstice:

The Solstice also take the stock iOS 7 icons and then redefine them. This is with the long shadows and then a slightly less eye-popping color palette. Now, The theme currently supports over 90 apps that are with designers vowing to add more every day. The shortlist of popular third-party apps with custom icons so far includes Alien Blue. It also includes Facebook, Google Maps, Rdio, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vine, WhatsApp, and YouTube. So, the Solstice is free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository.

The Elite7:

Now, the Elite7 themes have many of the elements of the iOS 7 user interface. This is from the Status Bar and Control Center to the bottom bars in the Safari and Mail apps. Now, The smallest of glyphs are even skinned that is just like app notification badges. Also, having the five symbols at the bottom of the Emoji keyboard. Now, The quality and the effort put into the icons are clearly apparent. This is with having a very detailed custom icon that has been crafted one pixel at a time. The Elite7 remains a work in progress. It can also access the beta and then all of the future versions available on a subscription basis.

The Space Blueberry:

Having A theme that I have previously covered in the Space Blueberry that gives over 70 of your Home screen icons. So, that you can slightly get more cartoon or flat appearance. Now, the new and also the improved Game Center, Music, Reminders and also the Safari icons. You have to look much better in particular and then compare it to their original designs. In this case, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch. Then download the Space Blueberry on Cydia for free in the ModMyi repository. Sadly, this theme is currently incompatible with the iPad.

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The Flat7:

So, with a claimed 60,000-plus downloads the Flat7 also has emerged as one of the leading iOS 7 themes for iPhone and iPod touch so far. Now, The theme also overhauls all Apple stock icons in addition to a growing number of third-party apps. That is more than the consistent and flat design. Moreover, if you can enable one of two different overlays in Winter board. You have to make the icons circular or hexagonal in shape. Then the Flat7 is the work of iOS designer Nick Viveiros and can be grabbed for free from the BigBoss repository on Cydia. iPad support coming.

The Oil7:

In the Oil7 it is a redesign of Flat7 with an oil-based paint finish. This also includes some of the additional icons that the latter does not have yet. Now, All of the stock apps have custom icons that are alongside several popular third-party apps. Then this is not my favorite theme on the list. It is also possible that the curiosity of others. An Oil7 is the work of designer Zutx and is also available now as a free download that is from Cydia on the BigBoss repository. Then give it a try.

oil 7

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In case, if you like what you have seen here then consider supporting the growing community of iOS designers. Then by purchasing a paid theme and donating to those that offer their work for free. You can also say thank you. Now, Every bit of support that these designers receive motivates them. You have to work on additional icon requests and then the future projects for the benefit of all of us.

So, the designers offer various methods of donating. You will have to leave one that is also a great way to show a small token of appreciation. This is for those of you who would like to keep up with our theme coverage. You have to make sure to check out our dedicated theming section. So, that this is not only highlighted themes but also jailbreak tweaks that can take also get your UI customization to the next level.

Then Any noteworthy themes not covered here? So, what do you think that which one is the best jailbreak themes?  Share your reviews in the comment section below!

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