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iOS 9.2 Emoji: Ways To Get iOS 9.2 Emoji On jailbroken iOS 9

iOS 9.2 Emoji

This article is all about the iOS 9.2 Emoji. Now after the release of iOS 10.2, Apple also introduces a whole bunch of new emojis. A Unicode 9.0 collection feature has 72 new emojis. It also includes in such crowd-pleasers as the “Nauseated face” and the “Fox face”.

The Emoji is an extremely popular part of messaging on iOS. Most people even update their devices just to get the new releases. Although, if you need not and choose between your jailbreak and your smileys. Then we will also go through how to get the new iOS 10.2 emoji on your jailbroken iOS 9 device.

The method that is used in the developer Poomsmart’s Emoji10 suite. Then Please note, whilst it is possible to get the iOS 10.2 emoji on jailbroken firmware. This is also getting as far as back in iOS 6 as well as on iOS 10. Here are the interests of brevity that I am only be going through the method on iOS 9. Then the process for other iOS versions is similar. This may also require different packages. You can also consult Poomsmart’s guide page for details.

What are Emoticons?

The Emoticons is one of the most popular components that SMS communication on iOS devices. Most of the users even update their devices for the sole purpose of getting new emoticons. Although, there is no need to confront yourself with a choice. The jailbreak or in new emoticons. So, we will also show you how to get new emoticons from iOS 10.2 on “hacked” devices running iOS 9.

By using this method you can also use the Emoji10 emoticon package. This will also release by the developer “Poomsmart”. You have to please note that while iOS 10.2 emoticons that can also install on the jailbroken devices. This is with iOS firmware up to iOS 6, as well as iOS 10, for brevity. Now, I will give here a process for devices running iOS 9. This process is for other similar versions of iOS. This may also require the use of other packages. You can also refer to the Poomsmart web page for details.

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The Requirements iOS 9.2 Emoji:

  • Having A jailbroken device.
  • The BytaFont 3
  • A Poomsmart’s Cydia repository
  • The vxBakerxv’s Cydia repository

The Instructions For iOS 9.2 Emoji:

1) The very First step is that you have to launch Cydia and then add the following two repositories:

A Poomsmart repo also contains the various Emoji10 packages. So, this will also need to allow our iOS 9 device. You have to handle the layout and the attributes of the iOS 10.2 emoji keyboard. The vxBakerxv’s repo hosts the iOS 10.2 emoji font files themselves.

2) In case, if you haven’t already install BytaFont 3 this is from the ModMyirepo. This will also come as pre-installed with Cydia.

A BytaFont 3 will also be used to equip the Emoji10 font. When Poomsmart’s tweaks have been set up in our device then you have to be able to handle it.

3 a) In case if you are on iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.1 inclusive. Then search for and install the following packages:


  • An Emoji10 (iOS 9.0-9.3) – Poomsmart
  • The Emoji iOS 10 – vxBakerxv
  • EmojiAttributes – Poomsmart
  • An EmojiLocalization – Poomsmart
  • The EmojiResources – Poomsmart

Now, The final three in the above list may also automatically queue up for the installation. If you try to install the Emoji10 (iOS 9.0-9.3) then they aren’t, install them manually.

3 b) In this step if you are on iOS 9.2 – iOS 9.3.3 inclusive. Then you can also install these packages instead:


  • Then Emoji10 (iOS 9.0-9.3) – Poomsmart
  • An EmojiAttributes – Poomsmart
  • Having an Emoji iOS 10 – vxBakerxv

iOS 9.2 Emoji

4) When respringing your device you have to open the BytaFont 3.

5) You have to navigate this to the Swap Mode tab. After that, you have to select the Emoji.

6) This is on the Emoji screen, you have to tap on the Emoji10. You have to swap your original emoji that is for the updated iOS 10.2 versions.

7) By respiring your device if you promote this.

8) When it has respiring, then open any of the messaging apps and then swap to the emoji keyboard. You have to check for the presence of an iOS 10.2. Now, such as “Whisky” or “Bacon”. In case, if they are here then you are golden!

iOS 9.2 Emoji

How To Revert your changes

1) First of all, you have to open the BytaFont 3 and then navigate to the Swap Mode  Emoji.

2) You have to press the Restore BytaFont backup button. Then you have to swap the iOS 10.2 emoji back to your original iOS version.

3)  After that we must now uninstall the Emoji10 packages from Cydia. In case, if you don’t get your keyboard then this will still be set up for iOS 10.2. This is without the 10.2 emoji font equipped. Also, this will leave gaps in your keyboard.

You have to do this and then you have to open the Cydia. Then uninstall all of the packages on this list that you have. Now, you may not have all of them:

  • An Emoji10 (iOS 9.0-9.3) – Poomsmart
  • Emoji iOS 10 – vxBakerxv
  • An EmojiAttributes – Poomsmart
  • EmojiLocalization – Poomsmart
  • An EmojiResources – Poomsmart

4) To respiring and then check that your emoji are back to normal again.

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So, this is all there is to it. Now, these packages are also useful in that. So, they will also allow you to view iOS 10.2 emoji in messages that receive on your device. If they will be sent to you by someone running iOS 10.2. You have to enjoy expressing such emotions as “Facepalm” and “Rofl”. This is without giving up your jailbreak to do it!

Did you ever try out the new emoji on your device? Did you guys need a guide for iOS 10.2 emoji on a version other than iOS 9? Kindly let us know in the comments below.!

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