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Private Torrenting Sites Where You Need Tracker Invite forums

Private Torrenting Sites

In this guide, you will learn about Private Torrenting Sites. These are the safest torrent sites that are with the best catalogs. Now, they will almost require an invite and then to join just by an existing member of the private filesharing community. In case, if you are not sure where to start gaining access and to the private torrent sites. You have to stay on this page. Also, we will review this at the top sites, then show you how to use a VPN for truly anonymous downloads.

A Torrent site will also become the default way of sharing large files. So, you are also downloading entire e-learning courses or just a few HD movies. A torrent site that is one of the fastest and also the easiest ways to get the content you need. Now, Most of the torrent sites will also come from public trackers. These sites just like The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents. The Others come from private, invite-only services that don’t allow just anyone to download.

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So, Before you torrent gets a VPN First:

This is even though private torrenting sites that are also safer than a public one. Now, your data that could still be at risk. This is not the only thing that you are sending raw information to servers and users around the world. Now, each of the requests that you will also make ties to an IP address linked to your identity and location. An ISP will also log this and then share it with third parties or also even government agencies. You can also turn your once-private downloads into freely available information.

Having A virtual private network that will encrypt your traffic and then assign you a different IP address. You can also completely masking the activity that is from third parties and also keeps yourself safe. This is which VPN service is also one of the best things for you? Also, we made our selections based on the following criteria. You have to ensure that you will be able to download anything you want using a fast, private connection.

Few best private torrenting sites:

So, Most of the torrent sites will fall into a handful of categories. Now, each centered around the type of content they offer. Most of them have a lot of music or movies. Then the other has to keep tabs on e-book releases or classic TV shows. So, We will also pull together some of the most popular private torrenting sites. Now, this will also provide the best quality and also the largest selection in their particular niche. Then we also let you know that how easy it is to get access to the site. Also, this is often one of the key stumbling blocks to using private torrenting sites.

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The IPTorrents – Generalized private torrenting site:

So, the One downside is to help you to join the private trackers. Now, this will also need to remain an active user. By Snatching, or also the practice of downloading a file. This is without seeding to an even ratio. It is not only frowned upon but can often cost you your account. Then Unless you are really into the content hosted by the tracker. Now, you have joined and also plan on downloading dozens of files. Also, your best bet is to pick a good generalized private torrent site and then focus your efforts there.

An IPTorrents is also a well-established private tracker. So, that it will also offer nearly 700,000 different torrents. Then the content also covers just about everything you can imagine. This is from music to software, games to movies. You can also Think of it as a privatized version of The Pirate Bay. This is without the mislabeled files and dangerous downloads.

  • The Site: IPTorrents
  • A Content: A little bit of everything
  • The Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • A Joining Difficulty: Easy

The site – All the best e-learning resources:

So, The internet is usually thought of as an entertainment resource. Then this is also perfect for learning new information. You can also access e-learning courses. So, that this will never be easier. the site was also established in 2004 and also continues to this day. This is with over 32,000 torrents and 14,000 users, each of whom. So, this is just as addicted to learning new information as you are! The Video courses, textbooks, and e-books centered around every topic imaginable are just a few clicks away.

  • A Site: BitMe
  • Content: General learning content
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Average

The Redacted – Private music torrents

An Albums, individual songs, full discographies, Redacted has it all. This is Previously known as PassTheHeadphones. Now, Redacted is also a relatively young site so that it can also focus on your music of all types and genres. So, You will also get a healthy number of popular hits along with classics. This is even an international band. Now, Over a million torrents and 27,000 users make it one of the largest. Then most active private music trackers. In case, if you can get an invite and you will be set for songs!

  • Site: Redacted
  • Content: Music
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Easy

Bibliotik – Best e-book Private Torrenting Sites:


A Bibliotik also nearly 300,000 torrents and then an extremely active community of 7,000 or so users. This has been online which is also with a few interruptions from 2009. In case, if you can get access, then you won’t have to worry about hunting. This is for other e-book tracker invites. The Bibliotik also keep a great selection of mainstream, classic, and niche books of all types and genres. In case, if you can’t find it on a public tracker. Also, the chances that are Bibliotik has what you need.

  • Site: Bibliotik
  • Content: E-books
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Average

The GazelleGames – video game Private Torrenting Sites

So, this is also very easy to make the argument that is finding a reliable gaming torrent site. This is just like stumbling across a unicorn in your living room. Private gaming trackers are also rare. So, they will also seem to shut down after only a year or two of existence. The GazelleGames is also a notable exception to this trend. Now, The site has been in operation since 2010 and then offers over 65,000 torrents to 14,000 users. You will also make it the largest private gaming torrents site around.

  • Site: GazelleGames
  • Content: Video Games
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Average

The PassThePopcorn – The only movie site you’ll need:


So, PassThePopcorn has been around since 2008. That is practically a century in online time. Also, it will mainly focus is mainstream movies, classic films, and popular international releases. This is also presented as high quality whenever possible. Now, Over 380,000 torrents and 35,000 users. This will also make it one of the largest private movie torrent sites on the ‘net.

  • Site: PassThePopcorn
  • Content: Movies
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Hard

To BroadcastTheNet:

This will be Founded in 2009. To BroadcastTheNet and will also focus on high-quality TV shows and then full TV series releases. This is everything from modern content to classics and international releases. Also, by far the largest private TV torrenting site around. Now, You will also find over 200,000 torrents shared by 34,000 users.

  • Site: BroadcastTheNet
  • Content: TV shows and TV series
  • Ratio Requirements: No
  • Joining Difficulty: Hard

An AnimeBytes:

This is one of the more difficult semi-niche scenes to follow that is anime. A General torrent site that is frown upon heavy anime and manga uploads. This will also make it even harder to access Japanese exclusive and fansubbed content. The AnimeBytes is also a huge private torrenting site with 16,000 users. This is over 141,000 torrents to choose from. In case, if there is a series you’re looking for, AnimeBytes will definitely have it!

  • Site: AnimeBytes
  • Content: Anime and manga
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Average

Reason To use private torrenting sites?

So, Anyone who downloads files through torrenting service. This is always having three things on their mind: privacy, speed, and availability. Now, the Public torrent site also uses its high number of uploaders. You have to ensure that speed is rarely an issue. Also, thanks to a large audience. So, they will also have a massive selection of downloads. If it comes to privacy, though this if you really can’t beat private trackers. So, their gatekeeping system does a great job preventing spying on third parties that are away from their files. This is not perfect, but it is also better than an open door policy.

Now, Another advantage private trackers also have over public torrent sites that are they niche content. So, You will be able to find about 80% of what you want on the general web. Most importantly if you are hunting for a popular TV series or mainstream e-book. In case, if your tastes are more obscure. Then public sites rarely have what you’re looking for. You have to Go with a private torrenting tracker that will cater to your niche that is usually the best option in this case.

Ways to join?

So, The Private tracker also requires registration before you can access their content. A Registration that is not as simple as entering your e-mail address. Then click the “sign up” button, however. Most of the things can restrict new account creations to one day a year. This is even required interviews before access is granted. Now, The methods can also vary from site to site and this is often changing as the years go by. So, Below this, there are some of the more common methods. Then you can also use it to create a membership with a private site of your choosing:

Open registration days:

This One is the easy method of getting access to a private tracker. You have to join on one of their open registration days. So, this is where anyone can sign up and then start downloading. Now, These are also rarely announced in advance, and then they can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. You have to Keep an eye on the tracking sites below for all the latest announcements.

To Asking for invites:

Some private torrent sites are invite-only. It means having a current member that has to grant you access. Now, it means you have to check out an invite trading thread on a forum or simply begging for access. In case, if you know someone with invite codes, ask for one!

IRC or forum registrations

Most of the more exclusive private torrent sites will restrict invitation codes. Then the account creation also has its own IRC channels or community forums. In case, if you want to join the service. Then you will also need to find these resources and follow the instructions within.

So, All of the above methods require a little bit of work. Also, having a little bit of luck, too! Then you can also increase your odds just by following the sites. Now, the below this is for all the latest news on private torrent registrations and announcements.

Open trackers:

The Private torrent tracker news, plain and simple. Open trackers also post-registration announcements regularly. Now, You will have to be fast to get your invite/application in. In case, if you are interested in private torrents. Then visit the site every single day.


The Website and forum are dedicated to the invitation swaps and open registration announcements.


Having A subreddit dedicated to all things tracker-related. This will also include open registration days that is as well as general announcements.


Then subreddit for requesting, offering, and then trading private torrent site invitations.

Ways to keep a good ratio?

Having A large portion of private trackers that enforces something called a ratio. So, This is also the number that represents the amount of content. Now, you have to download and then compare this to the amount if you have uploaded. So, Ideally, your ratio should stay above 1.0. It also indicates that you will also give back at least as much bandwidth that is as you use. Most of the private torrent sites will set hard rules about ratios. This will also remove your registration if you drop below the limit for too long.

The Ratio is also frequently used as a sort of application requirement that is for torrent trackers. In case, if there is an interview before you will allow joining. Having the number-one question is this. At How many private trackers are you a member of, and what’s your ratio with them?” You will also provide proof of a solid ratio that is an excellent tool. That is for nailing the interview and getting access to an elite private tracker.


You have to keep a good ratio on a private torrenting site. This is also a very simple matter of constantly seeding your downloads. Now, Don’t delete a file or a torrent when you download it. Then leave it running and then actively upload for as long as you can. Now, Weeks, months, even years. It Depends on the specific site’s rules you may only get ratio credit. In case, if someone is actively downloading from you. Also, In this case, you can grab a popular file as soon as it is upload to drastically increase your odds at scoring a high ratio.

The other way to keep a solid ratio is to use a seedbox. Now, These off-site services work as a paid version of a remote torrent client. So, that it will constantly seed each file. This is even if your computer is switched off. Also, the Seedboxe will usually work on a subscription service and cost a few dollars a month to run. Is Not all private trackers allow them. Also, check with your torrent site before signing up.

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So, there are hundreds of private torrenting sites out there. There are many purposefully that hide themselves to avoid scrutiny. It also makes them difficult to discover new sites let alone join them! At which private trackers do you use for accessing all your favorite content? So, let us know in the comments below!

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