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This tweak allows you to Delete All iPhone alarms

 iPhone alarms If you are using an alarm clock for waking up purpose every morning for work or you informally use them in order to wake up for some special events that occasionally occur, so then you probably find yourself in a condition where (iPhone) alarms times turn or you no longer have an alarm you have used in prior.

This tweak allows you to remove all iPhone alarms

Whether you guys also use your iPhone as an alarm clock & then find yourself in either of the only two scenarios described above. So next you probably enjoy a newly released & also free jailbreak tweak dubbed Delete All Alarms by iOS enhancer 0xkuj. Only on the name implies, this tweak allows you to delete all your Clock application’s alarms in one fell swoop just against removing them one-by-one as Apple recently compels you to.

Well, Guys! As it is shown in the screenshot example above, Clear out All the Alarms also adds a new ‘Delete All’ option in order to the top-right corner of the Clock application. At the time when seeing the Alarms pane in editing mode. Users are also able to still delete their alarms individually whether they like to. But guys the Delete All option becomes useful whether you like to clear all your alarms with just a click.

After clicking the Delete All button, so then the tweak that kicks you out of alarm editing mode instantly, diminishing an extra step that probably on the other hand look cumbersome to the end-user.

However, to be clear, you are also able to ask Siri. In order to remove all your alarms for you right out of the box. But guys there are enormous examples where users opt not like to perform this. Probably the best instance is being in a too loud environment. Where Siri unable to really understand what you are saying. Another instance proabably be having a private preference of preferring to interfacing simply with your touch screen over talking to iPhone. Always way you swing, we are pleased that these options remain for all sorts of users.


Though Delete All Alarms does not come with any options for configuring. And also offered its sleek integration simply with iOS’ native Clock application. We do not think that it really require any. However, those guys who are interested in trying to Delete All Alarms are also able to download it for completely free from the BigBoss repository through their preferred package manager. Further, the tweak also helps the jailbroken iOS 12 & 13 devices.

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Alright guys! Do you also like the idea of being able to remove all alarms with a just a click inspite one-by-one? So guys let us know in the comments section below. And in case of questions you can also ask us in the comments section below.

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