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Tips & Tricks to Use Face ID with a Face Mask on iPhone & iPad

Face Mask on iPhone & iPadHowever, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it an unlucky reality that we must need to wear face masks when & wherever possible. If by choice in some regions or by government regulations & orders in others. Similarly, the idea definitely is that wearing masks is also able to support reducing the spread of SARS-COV-2. And so whether we want the world to progress beyond its recent state, masks are important in lots of regions, states, & countries. The issue for iPhone & iPad possessors is, mask-wearing is not specifically compatible with Face ID. Though one option is to easily use iPhone just without a Face ID which needs a passcode for everything rather. However, you are also able to use a few methods to improve Face ID while wearing a mask. In this guide, you will learn the way to Use Face ID with a Face Mask on iPhone & iPad.

Tips & Tricks to Use Face ID with a Face Mask on iPhone & iPad

Similarly, Apple’s facial recognition tech, simply used in iPhones & the iPad Pro. Must need to be able to view your mouth & nose. Though it can also be sure that you guys are who you say you are. That is an issue when you guys are wearing something simply that has one job – in order to cover your mouth & nose.

Alright not being able to use the Face ID is an actual hindrance, as well. Not only do you find yourself entering your passcode over & over again only to unlock your device. So it is an Apple Pay dealbreaker except you, again, enter that passcode. Though that sort of ruins the magic & comfort of Face ID, does not it?

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Gratefully there are some things you guys are able to do to provide the Face ID the best possible chance at working with a mask on. Although it is not a science & even after following these steps we are unable to guarantee that Face ID will behave accurately all the time. Hey, anything is worth a shot whether it could just mean that no more passcode entries, right?

Way to Setup Face ID with a Mask as Alternative Appearance

Just a few steps are there that you can take to try & also make Face ID work. Even whilst you guys are wearing a mask or other sort of face covering. Run via the following & cross your fingers!

  1. First of all, head to the Settings application on your iPhone or iPad Pro. Click “Face ID & Passcode”. Here you should enter your passcode whether prompted.
  2. Click “Set Up an Alternative Appearance”.
  3. Simply fold your mask in half & use it to cover one side of your face whilst following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Whether your device alerts that your face is blocked. Move the mask slightly further away just from the center of your face.
  5. Abide by the setup procedure by moving your head just in a circle. You will be asked to complete the method once more. So continue to hold the mask in the exact position & on the same side of your face.
  6. At a time when the two Face ID scans are complete. Simply put your mask on. And try to unlock your device. Whether it works, perfect! Whether not, so then go through the setup again.

Therefore the idea behind this is to train Face ID. Though that it recognizes you guys wearing a face mask just as an “alternative appearance” exact to the way in which you can configure Face ID simply to recognize you with or just without glasses, facial hair, makeup, different hairstyles, or with further different looks.

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Another Option: Reconfigure Face ID with a Face Mask

Don’t fret just so far whether the Face ID still refuses to unlock your device. Whilst you are wearing a mask. However, we still have one more option & it also simply involves performing all of this again – a little pain so sorry just about that. But it just probably work:

  1. First of all, go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad Pro. Click “Face ID & Passcode”. Now enter your passcode if prompted.
  2. Click “Reset Face ID’.
  3. Click “Set up Face ID”.
  4. Complete steps 3 via 4 from above.
  5. Click “Set Up an Alternative Appearance”. Run through the setup procedure again. This time, though, simply put your folded mask on the opposite side of your face.
  6. So must try to unlock your device once the process is complete.

Gratefully, that worked. Whether not, unluckily, you are heading to have to deal with entering your passcode. Similarly, the Face ID simply is not heading to work with your mask. So you could also try utilizing a different mask or face cover, as well.

Quiet entering your passcode is a small price just to pay to keep yourself. And other people safer, & for avoiding any difficulties with government regulations or other citizens. Offer yourself a pat on the back for wearing a face mask!

You are also able to constantly just disable Face ID entirely & yes the iPhone works very well just without Face ID whether it is more of a frustration than a feature for you right now. On the other hand, you guys can constantly temporarily turning it off instead.

Authentication process

Just for now, actually, all recent iPhone models (except iPhone SE2) also have Face ID as the authentication process. Definitely, some previous models still use Touch ID. Which is much more advantageous in the universal world of face mask-wearing, face shields, & further airborne pathogen protections. Probably Apple is also paying attention to all of this & will introduce again the Touch ID on future devices again? That remains to be seen. So Touch ID was & remains quite famous for lots of users, & face mask-wearing is regularly common in much of Asia even outside of the happening COVID pandemic. However, there is constantly a chance that technology will alter & adapt to the current global realities of pandemics & airborne disease.

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Tips & Tricks to Use Face ID with a Face Mask on iPhone & iPad _ Conclusion

Furthermore, were you guys also able to get a Face ID working with a face mask only on your iPhone or iPad? Or did you ever give up and turn off Face ID completely? What are your thoughts on this feature & how it works with masks? So let us know your thoughts & experiences in the comments section below.

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