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Ways to Fix the Cydia Crashes: Tutorial Guide

Cydia CrashesHowever, many iPhone users who freshly jailbroke their iPhones are facing lots of issues with Cydia crashing when opened it. Though there is a fast & as well as infected fix needs to SSH into your iPhone or use the iPhone browser & remove a few files. In this guide, you will learn the Ways to Fix Cydia Crashes.

Ways to Fix the Cydia Crashes: Tutorial Guide

Similarly, it also appears that the issue is the source by some disgraced repositories that build the Cydia crash simply surrounded by the first few second of load it. Luckily this article will inspect the cases & also the remedies on the way to fix Cydia won’t open iOS 13/14 after jailbreaking in iPhone.

Case 1: Cydia keeps crashing

Well, Guys! It is too normal to view the Cydia Crashing 9.3.3 just after the jailbreak process. Whether there is an error message stating that “x HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error”, normally means that your installation is incomplete. Though something went wrong during the installation.

Sometimes this could be a web problem when trying to download from Cydia. Though this could be solved by checking a decent internet connection just during the download or when managing the cydia.

Fix Cydia Crashes on Startup

Whether your Cydia will continue in order to crash even whether you try to reboot your device. And you are definite to have a decent internet connection, so then the just solution probably is to re-jailbreak your device. Perhaps you could re-jailbreak your iDevice & also reinstall the Cydia, with other best jailbreaking by abiding by the complete step.

Case 2: Cydia Not Loading

Well, Guys! It is also normal in order to see Cydia crashing on startup & is not loading with the info “Unable to Load (the internet connection seems to be offline)”.

Fix Cydia Won’t Open

Here you guys have to examine your internet connection. And also see whether it is working accurately. However, in few cases, the Cydia is not able to load whether you guys are attached to the internet by using the mobile data. Because the connection is too much slow. However, guys another achievable purpose for this issue is just that the time & date settings in your iDevice.

Case 3: Cydia is Crashing Upon Load

Whether Cydia is crashing upon load, at that time you guys are also able to try these steps to fix it. Similarly, these steps require the iFile installed, ssh installed, mobile terminal installed, or knowing of a way to get at the file system with an iPhone browser or such.

Fix Cydia Crashes Upon Load

In order to fix this Cydia crashes at the time when the opened issue, that you require ifunbox or iTools simply on your PC. Next, you have to connect your device to your computer with a USB, here locate & remove the following two files:

  • /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cydia.list
  • /var/lib/cydia/metadata.plist
Cydia Crashing Upon Load

  •  Delete anything in the above folder
  •  Here you have to leave the below folder, just confirm that it is now empty:

/var/lib/dpkg/updates/ that should fix the issue.

Case 4: Cydia Won’t Open on iPhone

Well, the Cydia not working or unable to head to the Cydia on iPhone at all? Occasionally Cydia won’t load, won’t function, or won’t be able to open completely even though when you try to restart your iDevice. However, this is decidedly discouraging as well as when it keeps backing out every time you click on the brown Cydia logo and try to set it.

Fix Cydia Not Opening on iPhone

However, the just one cause is that this could occur. There are multiple connections to the Cydia server when you try to download it. You guys probably not be able to download Cydia completely although the screen shows you it is entirely done. However, this is just because the server acquires massive traffic. And nobody is able to load the Cydia or any other packages when the server is too down. What you guys are also able to perform is to re-install Cydia itself by an SSH program or hold for a couple of hours, however, until the server is up. You can also forever download the recent Cydia deb file & also install the latest edition on your iDevices.

Case 5: Cydia is Not Loading the Package You Just Downloaded

Whether Cydia is unable to load the package so then you have to just downloaded or you have just downloaded some packages and also installed a few tweaks from Cydia. But you are unable to search them under Cydia -> Manage -> Packages -> Installed Tweaks. Though guys there are no symbols that come out at your home screen as well.

Fix Cydia Not Loading Package Issue

Firstly, you have do not have to panic. Things that could be simpler than you think. You have to try to restart or respring your device. Search whether the packages come out in the Installed Tweaks. Whether it does not work, check and look at how multiple Cydia sources you have in your iDevice. Cydia is also unable to display all packages whether you have lots of sources saved in your device. So try to take out a few of the fresh Cydia sources & also reload the list of tweaks installed. Well, It is going to work for sure.

Ultimate Solution in order to Fix the Cydia Not Working: Restore from Jailbreak with Cydia Alternative

In order to restore from jailbreak & to basically avoid Cydia not working accurately on iOS 14/13/12/11/10/9. However, you are also able to use the UltFone iOS System Repair tool. Similarly, this is one of the standard difficulties users encounter just after they have jailbroken their device. Whether your iPhone gets stuck on a display (Recovery Mode, DFU Mode, Apple logo, blue/black screen). And it does not change past that, so you are possibly in an immobile condition – which is able to also be set using this nice utility.

Important Note: By utilizing this iOS repair tool, simply it will solve all kinds of jailbreak issues and restore iPhone to its current official iOS version by deleting the jailbreak from your iPhone. Though that just means, your iPhone will become unjailbreak status.

You guys are also able to download a free version. And install it onto a computer or Mac version to begin repairing the system.

  • Here you have to, first of all, organize this program. And connect your jailbroken device to a PC by using the Apple real lightning cable. Select the Repair Operating System feature from the main interface.
  • Tap Fix Now on the next screen & then download the firmware package by tapping the Download button.
  • However, with the firmware package downloaded successfully. You guys are also able to tap Start Repair to start repairing the iOS system.
  • Finally, the process takes a few minutes. After system recovery, your iPhone will reboot & everything is perfect now.

A further way to Solve the Cydia Crashes

Well, Guys now we are going to explain a very short way by using these steps you will be able to Fix the Cydia Crashes. However, here I have a straightforward & simple method for you in order to fix the Cydia crashing without any PC or without using iFile. Well, Guys, you have to simply follow the given steps and you will be done.


  • First of all, on the SpringBoard, you have to hold the lock button until it says ” Slide to power off”
  • Now switch it Off
  • Here you must wait to minutes
  • Hold the lock button once more for few minutes until Apple Logo comes
  • Simply when the Apple Logo comes Hold the Volume + Key
  • Still, Hold down the key
  • Now you guys will view that all Cydia tweaks have turned off
  • Head to the Cydia
  • Here you have to remove the recently installed tweak (s)
  • ReSpring it
  • Switch it off again
  • Now Turn back to ON

Ways to Fix the Cydia Crashes – Conclusion

Well, Guys! Here you must have fixed the Cydia Crashing. I hope that this will work for you. I also Hope that you guys liked it. Whether at a time it not work so then try the steps again.

Or guys if you have any queries so then in the comment section below you can ask us.

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