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Weather: The Best Free Weather Apps for the Mac

Weather AppsNearly everyone utilizes a weather apps. So you have weather applications on iPhone & also iPad. And you are also able to check the weather on your Apple Watch & Apple TV too. So guys here arises a question that why not on Mac?

Well, you are able to easily ask Siri for the weather. But some people also like a little more than just the recent conditions.

However, we have displayed you difficult ways in order to get the weather from your Mac menu bar. But guys in this post we’ll show you additional weather applications for Mac which utilize not just your menu bar. But your Dock & also the desktop too. Perfect of all, they are free!

Free Mac Weather Apps

Below you will learn that which apps are the best free Mac Weather Application.

Weather Dock: Desktop Forecast (Weather Apps)Weather Apps


You guys are able to also see the recent temperature & also the conditions right in your Mac Dock just with Weather Dock. However, this provides you a nice, unhurdeled way in order to see what’s going on outside with a little of animation. But the application also displays you, even more, when you tap that Dock icon.

However, just for your recent conditions, you are also able to see beyond the temperature simply with options for wind speed & also the direction, humidity, dew point, rain amount, sunrise & sunset times. And the feels such as temperature.

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Simply to the right, you will view that what is ahead for the next few days. Similarly, see the highs and lows, if it’ll rain or be cloudy, & also a short summary of the days.

jHowever, the Weather Dock allows you launch a few settings as well. You are also able to adjust the Dock icon’s text color, animation speed, weather type, and also badge information. So whether you want to view tomorrow’s predict or the feels like temperature rather, it is a straightforward adjustment.

Just for the best free weather app that provides you a quick view or lengthier forecast, here examine Weather Dock for Mac.

  • Availability: Mac
  • CostFree with a one-time in-app buy in order to receive a seven-day predict, hourly weather, various locations, & ad-removal

Weather Widget Desktop


Probbaly be you would like to keep the weather on the desktop. Simply from the exact company which brings you, Weather Dock, here examine Weather Widget Desktop.

Alright guys you are also able to select from three different widget styles just from sleek, modern, or minimal & also locate the size and blur. Hanging on the design you choose, the widget are also able to display a clock, chance of precipitation, sunrise & also the sunset times, the date, & the highs and lows for the upcoming days.

Similarly, you also receive the recent temperature in your menu bar. And able to also use the Dock icon in order to get additional weather details with just a click.

Whether you like containing the weather always shown, simply the Weather Widget Desktop is the Mac weather application for you.

  • Availability: Mac
  • Cost: However, just for free with a one-time in-app buy for getting a seven-day forecast, hourly weather, multiple locations, ad-removal, and further widget styles

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WeatherBug (Weather apps)Weather Apps


Whether you are a WeatherBug fan & also use the application just on your further devices. Youhave to examine the one available for Mac. Although this applications also sits nicely in your menu bar showing the current temperature & conditions. Then, just tap the icon for additional details.

You will see the location, the time, temperature, also feels just as the temperature, the chance of precipitation, an hourly forecast, & live radar map.

Simply now you have to save various locations, set them how you like, & also jump to the weather for another spot with just a click. You will also view whether there are weather alerts, is also able to adjust the unit settings. Select a minimal display for the menu bar.

For recent WeatherBug utilizers, you are also able to sign in to your account from the app whether you like. But you are able to use it without an account. Whether you like what WeatherBug offers on your iPhone or iPad, so you have to download it for free on Mac too.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows, & the web
  • CostFree

Weather 5 Days


Alright whether you recommend in order to keep things. Simple with your recent conditions, an hourly predection, & upcoming days, Weather 5 Days is the best choice. It provides you all of which in one dense screen.

You guys are also able to view all of the recent weather details such as the temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloud cover, visibility, & wind direction and speed. Though you are also able to see the hourly forecast & what’s coming up with highs and lows for the next five days.

Wwell, folks here keep the recent temperature in your menu bar. Or utliize the application just as its own window. You are also able to adjust the unites for temperature, wind speed, & AM or PM for the clock. Simlarly, search for any city you like or just use your own location. Although Weather 5 Days also contain it all in a tidy bit package.

  • Availability: Mac
  • Cost: It is totally Free with a one-time in-application buy to get five-day hourly weather, search history, and ad-removal

Forecast Bar – Weather + Radar


However, we firstly here introduced you to this next application in our article about simply receiving the weather in your menu bar. Similarly, after all the application is a massive option for your weather, simply we are listing it here too. Guys as you may know that Forecast Bar provides you lots of customization options in order to get exactly that what you like out of a weather app.

You are also able to keep the icon in your menu bar. Or Dock and select the style, setup the weather summary, simply display an hourly graph. Choose your weather source, receive weather notifications, and furthermore.

Therefore when you tap the icon in order to head to the app. Similarly, you will view all of your recent weather details plus what’s ahead for your week. Now tap your recent conditions for further like dew point, humidity, wind speed & also the direction, pressure, visibility, UV index, and sunrise and sunset times.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac
  • Cost: Guys it is also Free with subscription plans for enormous update intervals, animated radar, a daily weather report, and furthermore.

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Well, guys! When it comes in order to get the weather, so then you have lots of applications for selecting from hanging on your taste & preference. But whether you like a simple, simply free weather app just for Mac, any of these are the best picks. Alright guys I hope that you will like the guide if you have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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