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What To Do If Pulse Wizard & Pulse Build Not Working? _Alternatives

Pulse Wizard

In this guide, you will learn that what to do If Pulse Wizard & Pulse Build Not Working?  Also, what are the alternatives? It is also possible that the news this month that a whole lot of Kodi repositories were recently hit by DMCA takedowns. This is normal for some Kodi repositories to go up and down occasionally. Then this was a big blow as many different repositories went down at the same time. In case, if you are a Kodi user, you don’t need to panic – your Kodi system will still work. You have to find and any existing add-ons that you have installed and will continue to function as usual. Although, it might be more difficult to find some of your favorite add-ons or repositories in the future because of this crackdown.

You will also help with this, we’re offering advice on alternatives now that Pulse Build & Wizard no longer works.

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Ways To Get A VPN Before Using Kodi Add-Ons:

So, as you can see from this legal scuffle. Then there are still many organizations. That is out there which is targeting Kodi developers. In case, if you are going to use Kodi. Most importantly, if you are going to use a build with third-party add-ons. This will also let you potentially access copyrighted content illegally. Also, this is very important to keep yourself safe while you do so. In case, if you get caught using add-ons. You have to stream content illegally (or in some cases even legally) then you could be liable for a fine or even for prosecution.

You have to keep yourself safe when using Kodi, we strongly recommend that you use a VPN. It will work just by encrypting all of the data. Then your device will also send over the internet. Also, there is no one that you can see what sites you are visiting or what content you are streaming. Now, Your ISP will be able to see how much data you are using. This is not what the content of that data is, which helps to keep you safe.

What Happened In The Crackdown If Pulse Wizard & Pulse Build Not Working?

Several prominent repository developers posted messages to Twitter. Then the other platforms saying that they were retiring. You have to take their repositories offline, or in other ways limiting what content they would make available. Most of the most popular repositories that were taken down include Ares WizardSmash, and Colossus.

Having the first site to go down was the Colossus Repo, which is best known for hosting popular add-ons. Just like the URLResolver, Covenant, and Bennu. There is one of the developers said on Twitter that they would no longer be developing add-ons for Kodi. This will also call the community to support developers against legal battles. Also, This is the same day, and the Colossus Repo became unavailable to access at its old URL.

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By Which Pulse Wizard Repositories Were Taken Down?

So, here are all of the repositories that were taken down in this period and are no longer working:

  • Colossus Repository
  • Smash Repository
  • Ares Wizard
  • Alpha Repository
  • UK Turk’s Playlists Repo
  • Mucky Duck Repo
  • Soulless Repository
  • Origin Repository
  • DandyMedia Repo
  • Pulse Build / Wizard
  • SuperRepo

So, Which Add-ons Were Taken Down?

Now, here are some of the add-ons which were in these repositories. This will be harder or impossible to find now:

  • Colossus
  • Bennu
  • Fear of the Dark
  • Icefilms
  • 1Channel
  • Triton
  • Poseidon
  • Sportie
  • Gurzil
  • UK Turk Playlists
  • Myriad
  • Yes Movies
  • Duck Pool
  • 123Movies
  • Openload Movies
  • 1080p Movies
  • M4U
  • Imperial Streams
  • DandyMedia
  • Film Emporium
  • HEVC VideoClub
  • Ares Football

What To Do Now?

So, The very first thing to remember if you are a regular Kodi user. Then you don’t need to panic. Also, You are not in danger and then your system should continue working as it is for the foreseeable future.

In case, if you want to install more add-ons in the future. So, you will need to find alternative sources. That is why we’ll doing this below, sharing an alternative to the popular Pulse Build and Wizard.

Alternative Source For Builds:

Having a very simple build and a pre-configured version of Kodi. This will Underneath the same software that you would download from the Kodi site. Also, it will already have a bunch of add-ons included and a build usually has its own theme too. Now, this will also make it quick and easy to set up a new Kodi system. Apart from having to manually download a whole lot of different add-ons. There are themes to get your system how you want it. Then you can also install just one build and then you have all that work done for you.

A Pulse CCM Build was popular, thanks to its big range of add-ons and frequent updates. This will have a clean user interface and was ready to go with a bunch of ways to watch movies. It includes TV shows, sports, and live television. Sadly, though, the Pulse build is no longer available through the Pulse Wizard. Fortunately, we can recommend an alternative source called Fire TV Guru. This will let you install Pulse Build, or an alternative build called Fire TV Build.

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Ways To Install The Fire TV Guru Pulse Wizard:

  1. You have to Open Kodi and begin on your home screen.
  2. Then Go to the settings icon.
  3. To Go to the File manager.
  4. Tap on Add source.
  5. Now, Type in this URL (including the https://”):
  6. To Give it a name, such as Fire, and press OK.
  7. You have to Go back to your home screen.
  8. Then Go to Add-ons.
  9. Tap the icon that looks like a box.
  10. Then Click Install from the zip file.
  11. To Navigate to Fire and then click on
  12. You have to wait a second until you see confirmation that the repository has been installed. Pulse Wizard
  13. Then go to Install from the repository.
  14. Now, Go to Fire TV Guru Repo.
  15. You have to Go to Program add-ons.
  16. Then Select Fire TV Wizard.
  17. To Click Install from the menu at the bottom.
  18. When the add-on is installed, you’ll see a notice of news and information. Click on Dismiss.
  19. When you see options for keeping your settings. Click Continue
  20. It takes you to a welcome screen where you can choose to select a new build. Go to Build Menu.
  21. Then you will also see options for builds you can install. Currently, there are three builds available for Krypton (Kodi v17) and they are:
    1. A Fire TV Build Krypton.
    2. The Pulse CCM Krypton.
    3. A Fire TV Build Krypton Lite.
  22. Now, You just need to click on the title of any build to go to its page. Pulse Wizard
  23. After that, choose either Fresh Start then Install, which is good if you have an old build that you want to clear off before installing the new build. Then choose Standard Install, which will also install the build on top of your existing system.

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At What Build It Is Right For Me?

Now, From these three builds. It is also possible to wonder which is the best for you to use. In case, if you just want your Pulse CCM Build back. Then exactly as it was before, then you can use this method to install the build that is without the Pulse Wizard. Now, this build will also continue to work for now. Although it will not be updated in the future. In case, if you are reasonably familiar with Kodi. Then you will also know how to update add-ons and then install new ones when required. It is also possible not to be a problem for you. Now, You will also have to do a little bit more work to keep the build updated. In this case, if you really love the build then you might decide that it’s worth your time.

Now, the Fire TV Build Lite will also a helpful option for those who are running Kodi on a lightweight device. Now such as the  Firestick or another small Android device. In case, if your device doesn’t have a whole lot of processing power or RAM. So, the Lite build is a less system resource-intensive option that will also give you a similar experience. This is within just a few tweaks to make it run better on less powerful systems.

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Also, it is a real shame that so many of the great repositories got taken down in this crackdown. Then there were many useful add-ons stored in those repositories. Although, if you are a regular Kodi user. Then you don’t need to worry that your already installed add-ons will suddenly stop working. So, that your system won’t work anymore. Alternatively, your existing system should be just fine! Then the only concern is how to install new add-ons in the future.

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